Doctor Doom Movie Will Reportedly Feature Legion's Dan Stevens

Dan Stevens in Legion Season 1 Episode 8

It looks like Noah Hawley's newly announced Doctor Doom movie at Fox may feature a reunion between the writer and director with one of his Legion stars: Dan Stevens. The news of Hawley developing a Doctor Doom film with Fox - the same studio he's worked well with so far on Legion - was one of the biggest and most unexpected announcements to come out of this year's San Diego Comic-Con up until this point. And despite Fox's inability to really give fans a good Fantastic Four comic book movie, excitement surrounding the Doctor Doom project was notably high, no doubt thanks to Hawley's proven track record as one of the most talented and unique creative voices working in the entertainment industry today.

However, since Hawley's announcement was more or less limited to just revealing the project's existence and nothing more, there has been a considerable amount of questions among the fan community already about the project. Most notably, fans have been busy wondering how and if the Doctor Doom film may be connected to Fox's other Marvel movies or previous live-action Fantastic Four adaptations, or who will be playing the iconic Marvel comic book villain.

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Unfortunately, it looks as though the answers to those questions will likely have to remain unanswered for the time being. But it looks like the film could feature the appearance of an actor already very familiar with working with Hawley, as it has been reported (via Bleeding Cool) that none other than Legion star, Dan Stevens, is currently involved in the Doctor Doom film in some capacity. But likely to the disappointment of fans everywhere, what his actual role in the project may be is currently unknown.

Considering just how little about the project is actually known right now, it's impossible to know for sure what Stevens' final involvement in the Doctor Doom movie may turn out to be. Is it possible that Stevens could play the iconic, titular villain? Or is his involvement less straightforward than that? Either way, his work with Hawley has led to Legion being one of the critically-acclaimed superhero adaptations of all time, TV or otherwise, which just makes the possibility of him playing Doom in a Hawley-directed solo film that much more exciting.

It's also worth noting that Hawley is not opposed to working with the same actors multiple times on different projects, with Legion's own Rachel Keller first collaborating with the TV showrunner on the second season of Fargo, before she was cast in the central Legion role. Additionally, it certainly wouldn't be the first time that an actor has played two notable comic book movie roles at once, and with his version of David Haller apparently incapable of crossing over onto the big screen, there's a wide array of possible film superhero or supervillain roles that are still open to Stevens right now. So whether or not that role ends up being Doctor Doom will just have to wait to be seen.

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Screen Rant will continue to update you on Hawley's Doctor Doom movie as more news becomes available.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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