Do we really need another 9/11 movie?

According to the UK Guardian, yet another movie about the events of 9/11 is going to be made, this time produced by Danny DeVito. From the article at the link below it seems as if it will be a story of heroism instead of politics, taken from the perspective of two New York police officers.

It will not be a documentary since it will be scripted, but I'm sure it will be prefaced by the annoying "Based on a true story" when it finally appears on-screen.

My question is: Do we really need another movie about the events of that terrible day? There have been plenty of in-depth programs on various cable channels covering this from every possible angle.

This is really starting to smell like nothing more than opportunism and the chance to make money from this tragedy. You want to convince me otherwise? Have the proceeds from any upcoming (or currently playing) films about 9/11 go to a charity that supports the families left behind.

Source: Guardian Unlimited Film

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