The Do-Over Red Band Trailer: Sandler & Spade Play Dead

Following the development that paired Adam Sandler and his Happy Madison Productions with Netflix in an exclusive deal to produce a grand total of four feature films for the popular online movie streaming service, fans and detractors of the former Saturday Night Live player have been left more than a little provoked. Having released his first film as a part of the contractual agreement in the form of The Ridiculous 6, critics expectedly lambasted the film in the press, while Sandler and company went on to set Netflix viewership records for an original feature film production.

Whether or not you found yourself giving into your lesser desire to view more sophmoric antics from the likes of Sandler and his Happy Madison team of co-horts, the A-list Hollywood comedian certainly isn't hurting when it comes to making money back for his newfound distribution partner. On that note, a red band trailer has been released for The D0-Over, which stands as the next Netflix original production starring Sandler and his The Ridiculous 6 co-star David Spade. Watch it above, in all of its crassly constructed glory.

In the Do-Over footage featured above, Spade stars as an emotionally staid, sad-sack bank manager operating out of a local grocery store chain; in short, his home life leaves a lot to be desired. Enter Sandler as Spade's onetime high school best friend, who takes Spade on a whirl-wind ride of his life - before faking both of their deaths in order to give his old buddy a new lease on life and hard reset on his job, marriage, and prospective career. As you might expect, things don't go according to plan from there.

The rest of the production seemingly progresses in a manner entirely befitting and expected of a Happy Madison original feature, with Sandler's would-be FBI agent revealed for the scheming, sociopathic con-artist that he turns out to be in the film proper, while Spade plays the straight man. Admittedly, it's intriguing to see Spade play someone a little more emotionally conservative than he has done of late with Sandler, as his role in The Do-Over is mildly reminiscent of his brief tenure and career high-light working alongside the late Chris Farley in the films Tommy Boy and Black Sheep from the mid-1990s.

It remains to be seen how well The Do-Over performs financially-speaking for Netflix following the unprecedented success of The Ridiculous 6, but if Sandler's fans are anything they're loyal, and the option of seeing a new Happy Madison comedy from the comfort of their own living room may prove to be an option worth diving into once again. Either way, Sandler doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon, and viewers can begin anticipating the release of his latest motion picture production later this May.

The Do-Over will become available to stream online through Netflix starting May 27th, 2016.

Source: Netflix

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The Do-Over Red Band Trailer: Sandler & Spade Play Dead