Movie Adaptation of Quentin Tarantino's Django/Zorro Comic Hires Writer

A new Quentin Tarantino project is reportedly in the works, a Django/Zorro movie that would serve as a sequel to Django Unchained. Released in 2012 to great acclaim, Django Unchained was Tarantino's first foray into the western genre, and starred Jamie Foxx as the titular gunslinger. The film proved to be incredibly popular as it became (and still is) his highest-grossing directorial effort, and won multiple Oscars.

Even with all this success, Tarantino moved on to direct The Hateful Eight, and will see his ninth film Once Upon A Time In Hollywood hit theaters this summer. He didn't totally leave Django behind though, as he wrote a seven-issue comic event from Dynamite Entertainment and DC Comics that brought the bounty hunter back. The comic served as a sequel story to the movie, and sees Django return to the road, only to cross paths with Diego de la Vega aka Zorro. After forming a bit of a friendship, the two join forces for a new adventure that could make its way to the big screen next.

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According to a new report from Collider, a Django/Zorro movie script is currently being written by comedian Jerrod Carmichael. That's what Collider's multiple sources agree on, but they differ on Tarantino's involvement. The director could simply be overseeing Carmichael's work, be a true co-writer with him, or even have paired him up with another unknown writer. It's also not clear if Tarantino envisions the project as one he'll direct, or if a studio is already attached. While not all of the details are known now, it does appear that a Django/Zorro movie is in the works, and that Carmichael is writing it.

Django Unchained Django

Any new possible Tarantino project is one that will elicit excitement from many, but a return to the world of Django Unchained could do so even more. The movie was a huge hit, and audiences would no doubt welcome a return to Tarantino's spaghetti western world, but maybe with even more comedy thanks to Carmichael. Collider did hear from a source that Tarantino and Sony chief Tom Rothman discussed the project at Cannes too. Sony distributed Django Unchained and acquired Once Upon A Time In Hollywood as well, so it would make sense for Sony to retain Tarantino's work for a potential sequel.

Of course, a Django/Zorro movie is just a possibility for the time being. Tarantino is no stranger to developing projects that never make it to the screen. He has long said that he's going to retire after his tenth movie too, which will be whatever his next project is. That could be Django/Zorro if the script really comes together and Tarantino just can't say no. If the script is great and Sony (or another studio) shows interest but Tarantino does pass on directing, the movie could still happen with someone like Robert Rodriguez or another Tarantino associate behind the camera. Either way, it isn't known if Foxx would reprise his role. And if Django/Zorro doesn't happen, at least we may get an extended cut of Django Unchained in the future.

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Source: Collider

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