The Division In-Game Map Teases Future Content

The Division - The Dark Zone

The Division has become an overwhelming success. Not only has it surpassed sales expectations for Ubisoft, it has also become the biggest launch for a brand new IP, marking a massive victory over Bungie's Destiny. Everything about the online multiplayer shooter is a big deal, but as players begin to reach the game’s narrative end, completing all the story missions and reaching the level cap, the question of what’s next for the game becomes very important.

For starters there is what is called the Dark Zone. This is the part of the game where anything can supposedly happen. Players can either help each other survive, or play it as a free-for-all. Some of the more dastardly tacticians may aid others in quests for the best loot, only to betray them at the crucial moment. Ubisoft is looking to expand the game with new content as part of a season pass as well as free updates, but what will they all involve? One player, while exploring the game’s open world, seems to have stumbled upon evidence of future content that could be on the way.

The Division Screenshot - Department Store
The Division's interior designs are impressively detailed

As reported by WCCFtech, Reddit user igkillerhamster found a map during a mission, and on closer inspection it seems to indicate content or features that are not part of the base game. The map included additional Dark Zone areas, as well as mention of a Chopper run, which could be part of a new mission to be made available in the near future. Here's the original post:

So, I like exploring the world and I am amazed by the details. Central Park has always been on the horizon of possible content that was referred to multiple times. Now I found this Map in one of the missions and found it quite curious. It shows a map with the Dark Zone in the middle, but north of DZ06 we see further DZ areas. One is specifically signed with ‘21 Darkzone’, while another piece of the areas supposedly directly to the north of DZ06 marked on a separate map as ‘Darkzone 22’.

The area is a fair the assembly room in the consulate if I remember correctly. Also interesting is the blue lines 'Chopper run' at the bottom. As far as I remember people have been poking the files of the game and found some additional chopper related content that would be thought of to be part of the Incursions DLC, which would match up, the Incursion entrance being south and the Chopper run coming from the south as well.

Earlier this month Ubisoft posted a blog post about future plans for The Division post-release. The first two updates will actually be free, with the first expected to be available next month. Called Incursions, it aims to add a new challenging end-game activity. It will also add loot trading between players, one of the community’s most requested features. The second free update will arrive in May, called Conflict and could be what this mysterious map was alluding to.

The Division is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: WCCFtech

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