Division 2 Surprise Patch Lowers Boss Damage, Scales Back Difficulty

Division 2 Patch 2.1 Update

In the wake of Patch 2.1 having just dropped for The Division 2, it looks like Ubisoft is rolling back some of the changes that it made and also making tweaks to some of the balance issues that were present on higher difficulty levels for players. This Division 2 patch 2.1 update is set to roll out later today.

The Division 2 looks to be making firm strides into its current end-game territory based on player feedback and satisfaction, with the community reception to the title's first patch being positive. That patch added major content as well as implementing an overhaul of the weapon system. While the next major Stronghold looks to be delayed, Ubisoft is clearly still hard at work with this surprise patch.

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It's now been revealed by VG247 that there's going to be a Division 2 patch 2.1 update as a stop-gap measure to address some of the existing balance problems regarding difficulty within the game. These changes are going to be implemented across the game's release platforms after maintenance today, and they're going to include changes in the vein of adjusting boss health and damage output, and general tweaks to difficulties overall. Some of the changes include:

  • Fixing issues with reviving which bugged out when players were affected by DoTs or were getting stuck in general
  • Difficulty tweaks: Hard, Challenge and Heroic difficulty being reduced, NPC health and damage nerfed in these difficulties, NPC spawn variety increased
  • Enemy aggro levels tweaked in Heroic
  • Boss damage output nerfed
  • Glitch involving unlimited Snitch bounties fixed for Heroic

While the changes don't seem too substantial, The Division 2 patch 2.1 update is clearly focused on balancing the existing combat experience. The patch itself was mostly concerned with some minor quality of life changes around crafting and also some bugs where NPCs would get stuck, or where materials couldn't be upgraded. The fact that Ubisoft is consistently addressing and refining the end-game experience is a good sign, and it'll be interesting to see how these changes affect those who are currently tackling Heroic mode content in particular.

The Division 2 still has a ways to go in terms of the planned content roll-out for Year One of the title which it had previously illustrated. With the Public Test Server just being launched on the PC and the pushback of the Operation Dark Hours raid for potentially another month, Ubisoft appears to be taking care to ensure that what it does release for the title has been thoroughly tuned and tested. This thoroughness bodes well for the company's Division 2 content plan over the course of the year, especially since it looks like they have a number of major raids in the works and more fundamental changes to the game's systems to come. If you're not at the endgame yet, now's the time to catch up!

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Source: VG247

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