A Single-Player The Division 2 Spin-Off Idea is Getting Fan Support

The Divsion 2 Washington Monument characters

The Division 2's Julian Gerighty asked fans for feedback on the idea of a single-player The Division 2 spin-off, and the response has been largely positive, with hundreds of fans chiming in to give their thoughts. Gerighty is The Division 2's creative director, so he would be the one to make a choice like this.

When The Division 2 launched earlier this year, players found much to enjoy about the game, but The Division 2's "patchwork" story felt disappointing to critics and fans. The Division 2 successfully improved on The Division's main problem at launch, as The Division 2's endgame made major improvements over The Division's endgame. In Screen Rant's The Division 2 review in-progress, Cody Gravelle called the game "the best looter shooter experience available on the market today," but The Division 2 still proved lacking in some areas - especially in regards to its story. The game's interesting world - a detailed, post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. - felt like an excellent setting for an equally interesting story, but the game didn't quite deliver, leading Gravelle to call the story "rough to sift through at the best of times."

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Still, despite that disappointment, it seems fans are hungry for more storytelling in The Division 2's world. Tim Spencer of LEGO game developer TT Games recently tweeted out a thread of ideas for a single-player, story-focused The Division 2 spin-off. Spencer mused about a game that would be a cross between The Division and The Last of Us, focusing on the personal sacrifices of one of The Division's agents. Spencer tagged Gerighty in the tweet, and Gerighty took notice, retweeting the post and asking fans for their thoughts.

As of writing, Gerighty's retweet has almost 2,000 likes and almost 700 comments, with most replies giving support to the idea. Many users liked the idea of giving their characters more personal motivation, hoping to see the "choices and sacrifices" made by characters that, so far, feel simply like "unstoppable heroes." The tweet's support prompted Gerighty to give a reply of his own, noting that the idea was "Apparently not something people are violently against :)."

The idea of a single-player The Division game might not be worth getting too excited about, however. When Twitter user Jaqub Ajmal expressed a desire to see the playable agent character fleshed out to feel less like "an empty shell," Gerighty replied, "That empty shell is supposed to be you :)." Here, Gerighty implies that the Division agents were given bare-bones backgrounds on purpose, so that players would be able to put themselves in the agents' shoes. Even if the Division agents' stories are explored in the future, it's unlikely that a single-player spin-off could happen in today's live service-focused gaming market. Given The Division 2's year 1 roadmap, we know that Ubisoft plans on supporting the game for a while, and it's unlikely any sequels would stray from this format. Still, a sequel could reasonably put more focus on story without removing the game's multiplayer elements. Either way, it'll likely be a few years before The Division 2 gets a follow-up.

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Source: Tim Spencer/TwitterJulian Gerighty/Twitter

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