The Division 2: How To Farm Rare Materials (& Printer Filament)

Division 2 Printer Filament

The Division 2's crafting system requires the use of rare materials such as Printer Filament, and farming that may be difficult. The Division 2's early access period was littered with praise for the way Ubisoft and developer Massive Entertainment incorporated feedback from the past effort into a better, more interesting follow-up. The streets of a post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C. might be eerily quiet, but they're certainly not short on things to do.

One of the most important activities Agents can engage in with The Division 2 is farming rare materials for crafting, an arduous process that results in some of the better gear in the game. While the overtly obvious way to acquire new materials is to loot as many materials as possible from every single chest, box, and cache littered across the map, there are a few methods to get extra crafting items. That could be the difference between hours spent grinding out specific requirements or getting your hands on some sweet new loot in much less time. As the player base gradually begins to approach The Division 2's endgame en masse, getting even a few hours' worth of an edge can be the difference in getting and staying ahead.

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Here's how to track down some of the rare materials that The Division 2 has to offer, including Printer Filament, one of the most important superior materials available to Agents. It's vitally important to obtain these materials in order to deconstruct items and craft new items.

How To Find Printer Filament in The Division 2

The Division 2 Printer Filament

Unfortunately for Agents, it appears that Printer Filament in The Division 2 is a little more difficult to find than other materials. As far as players are currently aware, Printer Filament doesn't appear in open world looting containers. At the very least, Printer Filament itself doesn't appear in these loot caches, but the items that produce it do.

To get Printer Filament in The Division 2, players need to deconstruct Gear Mods and Skill Mods that they've acquired across the span of playing the game. All rarity levels of mods give players Printer Filament, and it can be acquired from Skill Attachments, Gear System Mods, and Gear Protocol Mods. Despite Printer Filament not appearing in traditional resource nodes on The Division 2's map, the best method to acquire it is to still hunt for those nodes whenever possible to find gear that can then be broken down into the valuable resource. Printer Filament is definitely a necessary evil for those looking to craft their gear, so it's best to loot everything and ask questions later.

How To Farm Specialized Materials in The Division 2

Titanium, Electronics, & Carbonfiber

There's a trick that The Division 2 players might not realize that makes these items easier to obtain. First, players need to use the Quartermaster to collect a specific perk: Detection 1. This Division 2 perk allows Agents to see all of the lootable objects in an area around a Control Point after they've donated at least one supply. The perk only lasts for a small amount of time, but it's extremely valuable regardless.

Next, players simply need to pick a Control Point they've already established and fast travel to that location. Donate the bare minimum of resources to the Officer, and players can then run around the area collecting every lootable object they can find. It's an easy way to find the above materials, and works especially well with Solar Farm. Here's a video from WiLLiSGaming that demonstrates this method while using the Solar Farm Control Point:

Ceramics, Polycarbonate, & Steel

These Standard quality materials aren't necessarily difficult to find, but they're also needed in massive quantities as the game progresses. To improve yield on salvaging gear, The Division 2 players should pick up the Deconstruction perk from the Quartermaster as well. The Deconstruction perk gives Agents a bonus chance to acquire additional materials during item deconstruction. Given how much that act is crucial to progressing through the game, picking up the Deconstruction perk early will provide players with a lot of extra value as they work towards The Division 2's level 30 cap.

Completing bonus activities during open world gameplay is also essential in building up the biggest pool of resources possible. These activities tend to reward a good amount of standard crafting materials in The Division 2. For that route, stopping public executions and rescuing civilians is typically the fastest method in getting resources out of the available activities.

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