Division 2 Patch Making Big Changes To Skill And Weapon Mods

Ubisoft's looter shooter is going to have its first patch on April 5. The Division 2 patch changes will contain tweaks to skill and weapon mods.

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The Division 2 has been out for some time now, and the state of the title's endgame has been a delight to experience. Now, the first upcoming patch for Ubisoft's looter shooter is going to drop on April 5. Alongside a new stronghold and the latest endgame difficulty, the Division 2 patch changes are also going to tweak how skill and weapon mods work.

There's been no shortage of endgame content for players to enjoy in Division 2, ranging from taking down elite NPCs to skirmishing with other players in the title's variety of multiplayer-focused modes. That being said, hardcore fans have been waiting eagerly for this patch and for the Division 2 patch changes that have been mentioned previously by the development team.

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It was announced in the studio's State of the Game stream on Twitch that the upcoming Division 2 patch changes were going to specifically target skills and weapons for players. The stream mentions a full rework of those two areas of combat customization, stating that scaling is going to work in a totally different way after feedback from players indicated that meeting skill power thresholds was potentially too daunting. Weapon mods are also going to be given a bit of a facelift as part of this new patch, and it looks like the negative and positive effects of mods are going to be more balanced this time; every weapon slot is going to have at least one corresponding mod with solely positive effects.

Outside of the changes described above and the introduction of the latest endgame difficulty tier (World Tier 5), it doesn't look like the Division 2 patch changes being made will fundamentally alter the game experience at this stage. Ubisoft will most likely be waiting until its fans have cracked into the latest content and strongholds before substantive changes are considered by the team. While the change to weapon mods has the potential currently to affect play the most significantly, it's not a blanket removal of all negative stats on weapon slots so it shouldn't be rocking the boat too much in terms of what players can bring to bear against others in PvP.

The patch drops tomorrow according to Ubisoft's State of the Game stream, so players wanting to get the last bit of skill power farming done in-game don't have long to do it before the system gets retooled. Time to suit up, agent!

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Source: The Division 2/Twitch

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