The Division 2 Features 8-Player Raids and Free DLC

Ubisoft's E3 2018 presentation featured The Division 2 in a big way, revealing that the upcoming sequel will feature 8-player raids in its end-game content. The Division 2 is the hotly anticipated follow-up to Tom Clancy's The Division, and expectations for its E3 2018 showing were extremely high heading into the Ubisoft presentation.

The Division 2 will be looking to build on the foundation laid by its predecessor, a game that was supposed to challenge and change the multiplayer genre but ultimately settled in to being just another good offering in a category that has a number of other contenders. The Division got better as time went on, featuring a number of different updates that improved its content and gameplay, and The Division 2 is a game that will incorporate that feedback from the very beginning of its existence.

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The Division 2's 8-man raids were only unveiled, without any specifics as to the gameplay, but they were described as the most challenging content the game would feature. The presentation also made a number of other large reveals, including a Year One DLC plan that featured three different episodes of DLC that would be free for all players. Those episodes will also unlock new areas and activities, diversifying The Division 2's content as its lifespan moves forward.

The Division 2 will now feature an end-game specialization system as well. Players will be able to choose between three specializations once they reach their maximum level, unlocking new weapons, gear, and specialist abilities that will uniquely tailor the game to their needs as a player. The special weapons were featured prominently in the reveal, showcasing an explosive crossbow, a grenade launcher, and a high-powered sniper rifle - all weapons that would certainly force players into thinking about the game from a specific strategic mindset.

Ubisoft's The Division 2 presentation was certainly an interesting one, and will intrigue many of the players who stepped away from The Division after the game's initial lack of content spurned some of its would-be fans. Ubisoft has clearly learned from its mistakes, with a long-term plan that includes years of content already being developed, and that kind of commitment will be key in attracting the kind of demographic that the developer expected to form around The Division.

Whether that holds true remains to be seen, but The Division 2 is the kind of game that its predecessor looked like it wanted to be at launch, and that's already a compelling argument for those on the fence about whether to jump back in to Ubisoft's post-bioterrorist United States of America. The Division 2 is set to launch before April 2019, with a more specific release date still to come.

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Source: Ubisoft

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