The Division 2 Faction Key Locations: Hyena, Outcasts, & True Sons Guide

division 2 faction kes guide

Factions and faction keys in The Division 2 are an important part of obtaining the game's best weapons and equipment. While there are definitely exotic weapons in The Division 2 that players can get by farming various events in the world for drops, another way to obtain some coveted guns and other materials is to open the various locked faction caches scattered around Washington D.C.

There are four distinct factions in The Division 2 who have caches that you can reappropriate as part of your resistance efforts: the Hyenas, the Black Tusks, the True Sons, and the Outcasts. And while it can be fun to search for all of The Division 2's faction keys, it's an exhausting process. So we've put together a Division 2 faction key guide to help out with that.

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There's a degree of RNG when it comes to what faction keys are going to spawn in various locations, but by and large, there are a few specific places to find them that we detail in this Division 2 faction key guide. You'll want to be on the lookout for Key Cabinets which are fixtures in the various areas. If you loot one while you're on the job, one of two things could happen: 1) you get a Key corresponding to the faction that controls the area you're in, or 2) you get a random Key if you're in a neutral area.

division 2 faction key guide

Division 2 Faction Key Guide: White House Lawn

You'll start The Division 2 off at the White House, which essentially makes this the easiest place for you to get your Division 2 faction key fix. The south end of the White House lawn, the stage of your first real mission conflict, is home to a secret entrance which leads below ground. Once you get into the rabbit warren of tunnels, just make sure that you're hugging the walls and looking out for things that look like oversized fuse boxes; these are the key cabinets.

Division 2 Faction Key Guide: Downtown East Keys

Similar to looking for faction keys in the White House part of the map, players can enter another underground system of tunnels in Downtown East. This ends up being on the corner of where New York Avenue NW meets Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Once you descend into the tunnels, you'll have to look for more of the key cabinets dotting the various walls.

Division 2 Faction Key Guide: Sewer Keys

These are probably the best locations for you to find the occasional Division 2 faction key. There are a number of notable sewers near Roosevelt Island, West Potomac Park, and the Dark Zone where you're going to find key cabinets.

If you're digging around the Roosevelt Island stronghold, just close to the Foggy Bottom area, then there's an entrance to a sewer which will hold three key cabinets for your thieving pleasure. If you're going to be near West Potomac Park, you'll actually be able to find seven key boxes in the vicinity by scouting around the Safe House. Fire a shot off at a locked room that has a red light above the door and you'll have another key cabinet to add to that count. To the northwest of the Safe House, you'll also be able to find two key cabinets, one by a ladder leading out of the sewer entrance and another in the area proper.

Last but not least, players can use the Dark Zone recon mission marker as a landmark to orient themselves in the direction of finding a number of sewers in the area. Directly north of the marker is an area that holds three key cabinets, one of which is also concealed in a room marked by a red light. On top of that, there's a sewer to the west of the marker inside a cellar which will hold two key cabinets.

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