The Division 2 Console Players Do Half As Much Damage Due to Bug

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A bug in Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is preventing players on consoles from doing as much damage as PC players. This isn't the first time that console players have had issues with the game, though. Many PS4 and Xbox One players have continued to complain about the near impossibility of completing raids within the game, which now seems related to the bug's damage debuff.

Raids, meant for high-level players, consist of eight players per team. Although they are supposed to provide a challenging gameplay experience, it seems that the challenge is even more significant for those who play the title on consoles. Because of this, many players aren't interested in completing raids, particularly when the rewards don't seem worth the trouble. Not only that, but players on both PC and consoles don't have access to matchmaking, meaning that they're responsible for finding and assembling their raid teams on their own.

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The PS4 and Xbox One problems with The Division 2 don't stop there, though. Some console players are reporting a bug that prevents them from doing as much damage as players on PC. Players have been posting to a thread on the Ubisoft forums complaining about how ammunition seems to disappear while firing at enemies. Players report that about half of their bullets go missing, leaving them with less ammo to work with. Many continued to test the theory in a Reddit thread, with most turning up the same results. The consensus is that the fps limitation on consoles is to blame.

The Division 2, like most AAA multiplayer games, launched with a series of bugs and glitches. Although most issues aren't game-breaking, bugs like these can negatively alter the gameplay experience. Early on, The Division 2 players reported bugs that prevented players from using their skills. Although Ubisoft fixed the skill bug, countless others seem to exist, with players reporting new problems every day.

It's particularly frustrating, though, when some of the bugs seem only to target consoles, giving PC players the upper hand. With AAA game publishers in the habit of releasing games before they're thoroughly tested and ready, players should always expect some problems. However, console players consistently seem to get faultier games. For example, BioWare's Anthem caused PS4 consoles to crash shortly after its release. The Division 2 seems to suffer from the same mindset, and as of yet, Ubisoft has not yet addressed console player complaints, although Massive acknowledged the studio was aware of them and investigating them in a Reddit thread. One might argue that this is yet another example of why publishers and developers need to change how they release multiplayer games.

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Source: Ubisoft, Unizzy/Reddit

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