Ansel Elgort Talks 'Insurgent' Character Dynamics & Spider-Man

Ansel Elgort in Insurgent

For those who only know Ansel Elgort from his acting, you may or may not be surprised to learn that he is very much into EDM. He DJ's and makes his own music under the alter-ego Ansolo and as such, it's a subject he's very passionate about. We bring this up as a partial bonus factoid and partial disclaimer for the first half of the conversation we recently had with Elgort pegged to his latest film, Insurgent. Elgort had previously given us a few intro-to-EDM artists to listen to as a primer but we had to cop to not doing the proper homework. Long-winded explanation for how EDM came up in a convo about a YA-based action-fantasy film, over.

When we eventually got down to discussing the business at hand, the sequel to last year's Divergent, Elgort addressed the ebbs and flows of his character Caleb and why you might not like where things stand with him at the end of this film. Also check out what he thinks about the being one of our picks to play the next Peter Parker and superhero roles in general.

Screen Rant! You sound like you're always ranting about things. 'That movie sucked! That movie was terrible! I wanna rant!

Yeah, it either sucks or it's awesome! But I can always find one good thing in there.

That's good. Please say nice things.

The last time I spoke with you, you gave me a nice group of EDM artists to ease into, but I didn't do the due diligence in listening to them all.

What do you like?

Well... now I can't remember anyone's name. I like Calvin Harris and the stuff that's on the radio?

Calvin Harris is good. Yeah but I think if you find the right mix, you start your morning with a little bit of chill deep house kind of stuff then you end your night with some side trance then you're good you just have to find the story, the arc, just like Caleb's arc, you have an arc in your music and you have an arc in your character, life is about arcs, really. Your day is about arcs, you have to warm into your arc then you have to go back down and go to sleep and it's great.

Ansel Elgort in Insurgent
Ansel Elgort in 'Insurgent'

What was your warm-up into Caleb and then how did you warm out of him?

Well you know I think, yeah actually, that [analogy] doesn't apply at all. I think Caleb's arc is, in the first movie he starts out as a fresh-faced boy who wants to know more and he's obsessed with knowledge and he's obsessed with wanting the society how things work and then his parents are taken away from him and the system starts to crumble and his sister now is wanting to start a civil war and ass the leader who he believes in and yes that's his only family left but the only thing they have in common is that they're family so Caleb is forced into leaving her, into leaving Four and going back with Jeanine and Erudite because he thinks they are going to, while it's very difficult, they are going to save everyone else.

That is a good explanation, gives me a little more empathy for him, because you watch the movie and think, 'No, Caleb, no!'

Because we love Tris because she's on the poster and because she's awesome and because she's Shailene but in Caleb's eyes, she's not awesome, she's trying to stab people and kill people and that's not what he's about.

Spider-Man Art by Aidan May

Screen Rant has you on our "We Would Love You to Play Spider-Man" list, what do you think about that and tackling superhero roles?

I don't know. I like 'Captain America', I thought that was a dope film, really cool but I don't know, I've never done it. I think it would be a big thing to do and a big commitment.

It is, and you'll have young kids following you around forever.

[Kids yelling] Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Spider-Man!

But you could just put in your headphones and listen to some EDM and let it roll.

Like this? [Elgort plays around with what Spider-Man would look like shooting his webs, set to EDM]


The Divergent Series: Insurgent is now playing in theaters.

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