• 15 Weirdest Pieces Of Disney Fan Art

    Disney characters are so beloved, cheerful, and adorable that it makes sense for some fan artists to go completely in the opposite direction and imagine them in disturbing ways. Fans do this just for fun, to see how far they can go, but then we gawk at them in disgust and horror, sharing in the twisted mentality. Clearly, we all have a lot of time on our hands.

    Take zombies, for example. We all know basically what they look like, but seeing a Disney princesses like Ariel and Cinderella all messed up and zombie-fied is a lot to take in. It leaves you wondering what the hell happened to make them zombies and then envisioning that horror story the Mouse House will never tell.

    There are also those fan art pieces that imagine some Disney favorites as a psychopaths. Disconcerting? Yes, but if you start to think of those scenarios, in which the likes of a Goofy or Pinocchio would feel the need to go out and mercilessly kill, you can sometimes see their motivation. See? Way too much effort to think about such things.

    Does this fan art get way too dark and disturbing for even our peepers? You bet! So naturally we have to share them with you.

    Here are 15 Disturbing Pieces of Disney Fan Art That Went WAY Too Far. 

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    Let's just start right off with this entirely horrifying picture of a zombie Cinderella. Artist Rob Carlos imagines the young woman returning from the ball, where things apparently went very, very wrong. Honestly, we don't where to begin with this since it's all so traumatizing.

    If we're to guess, she was somehow bitten in the cheek at the ball, which must have sucked because she was so looking forward to attending and dancing with Prince Charming. Anyway, Cinderella probably ran -- maybe dropped her glass slipper, who knows – and died in the carriage before it turned back into a pumpkin. Thus, she crawls out of it as a zombie, with her footman turning back into horrid little rats.

    One part this piece has us puzzled, however. Who's that guy holding what looks like a tennis racket looking at her from behind the wall? Is that the Prince? What's he going to do with the racket? Because he sure won't be able to kill Cindy easily with it. Cue the Fairy Godmother, please.

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    Donald Duck-Disney-Fan-Art

    Donald Duck is weirdly believable as a serial killer – and this Daniel Karlsson painting sort of proves it. In the image, the usually hotheaded Donald seems eerily calm, as he peers at us with extraordinarily sinister eyes. While he seems more demonic than crazy homicidal, the impetus is there.

    As we all know, Donald just can't handle life most days. Everything irks him, and he's terribly jealous of Mickey Mouse. You figure if the Duck goes off the deep end, Mickey would be on the top of his kill list.

    Here's the kicker to this image, though: Karlsson titled it “The Babysitter.” Wait - if he showed up at the door looking like this, you'd immediately call your local priest. Besides, in what world would you let Donald Duck babysit your children? Bad idea, even on a normal day.

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    Pinnochio Disney Fan Art

    If any Disney character has the right to become a murderous psychopath, however, it's Pinocchio. That wooden boy has had it rough. First, he was just a puppet and his maker wanted him to be a real boy. A Blue Fairy grants the wish, but tells Pinoccho he has to prove himself worthy to become really real. Thanks, Blue Fairy, thanks a bunch. Then the puppet boy falls prey to child exploitation, almost being turned into a donkey and sold into labor and finally swallowed by a whale.

    Worst of all, the wooden kid has to contend with an annoying cricket judging him all the way. It's no wonder Pinocchio doesn't snap.

    Still, this drawing from artist Sylvain Sarrailh of Pinocchio brandishing a big knife, with crazed eyes and cracks in his wooden face, is a bit terrifying. We know about the already well-traveled footsteps of psychotic dolls like Chucky and Annabelle, but not our dear sweet Pinocchio. Just put the knife down and be a real boy.

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    This image of Aladdin's Genie from Dan Luvisi truly creeps us out. Maybe it shouldn't because we know the Genie can morph into any kind of weird thing he wants to, like here, possibly doing his best Picasso imitation.

    Then again, there are too many disturbing things about the image to ignore. First, there's the black goo dripping from the Genie's ears, like perhaps his head is about to explode right before our eyes. That might explain the pained and wild look on his face and his terrifying, opened maw. Also, there's the one eyeball, which looks about ready to pop out from some kind of intense pressure from within.

    This isn't the jolly Genie just having a laugh with his pal, Al. Something has gone terribly wrong and we'd better run away.

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    Ariel Disney Fan Art

    Also unsettling is this fan art of Ariel as a zombie –the once gorgeous Little Mermaid, eating what looks like Flounder! Oh boy. From the mind of artist Gabby Untermayerova, our unfortunate Ariel seems to have gone through the ringer, so to speak. Just look at all those gruesome bites on her tail. Eek.

    And what is with the fork in her head? We get that it's a reference to the human fork Ariel finds in the Disney movie, which she uses to comb her hair. Was she combing her hair when a zombie attacked? Then, it would make sense why it's sticking out of her head.

    The other disturbing part of this image is Ariel's  bloodshot eyes because they make her look so very dead. Finally, we keep coming back to poor Flounder. Ugh, that's not the kind of sushi we want.

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    Jasmine Disney Fan Art

    In Disney's Aladdin, Jasmine happily takes a magic carpet ride with Aladdin, cuddling up to him as they soar over the desert, singing “A Whole New World” and falling in love. Sweet, right? Well, what if that magic carpet ride gave poor Jasmine horrible air sickness instead? Yuck. That's our first reaction to this image.

    What artist Travis Falligant is actually doing here, however, is mashing up the lovely princess with doomed Regan from The Exorcist. First, there's the blood-stained crucifix floating nearby (bringing up that horrible description from the movie). Then there's the pea-soup vomit running out of her mouth and down her front, which, like we said, produces all kinds of gag reflexes.

    Those demonic eyes also trouble us, but honestly, the way the carpet has Jasmine tied up just makes us very uncomfortable.

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    Minnie Mouse Disney Fan Art

    This one also gives us nightmares. Artist Dan Luvisi has taken the iconic animated sweetheart Minnie Mouse and turned her into an alien of sorts. Seriously, look at this image long and hard. Doesn't it just give you all kinds of willies?

    Let's start with Minnie's, um, feet. The bulbous, pink fleshy parts are kind of disgusting, as the foot and yellow blend into her leg. Then, as you move up, there's the rest of Minnie's stick-thin body, with the skin looking mottled, and her tail looking like a sharp whip.

    Her face is terrifying, as well. The hideous smile probably hides a mouthful of razor teeth, so we're thankful she's not showing them.

    Of course, once you get to her “bow” and ears, it's all over. What is that thing on her head, full of eyeballs and more of that pink fleshiness? This is not how we are going to think about Minnie. Ever again.

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    Mickey Mouse-Disney-Fan-Art

    Nope, this is definitely not how we want to look at Mickey Mouse. Italian musician and artist Alessandro Conti created a series of illustrations he called “Inhuman Anatomy” in which he literally turns popular Disney characters inside out.

    To be fair, even looking at a drawing of a regular human's anatomy makes us squirm a little. It's the tendons and skeleton frame that are unnerving.

    Seeing Mickey's inside is even more disturbing. Maybe it's the misshapen intestines, with those gross veins hanging out, which don't seem to be attached to anything except his big shoes. The sinewy muscles and weird-looking lungs don't help much either.

    The capper, however, is the head. Creepy Mickey's skeletal face trying to cheer us up with his big smile just isn't right. Excuse us while we go watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

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    Goofy, too? Say it isn't so! Here, the beloved Disney man-dog has been turned into that chainsaw-wielding, Texas-loving Leatherface, courtesy of artist Brianna Garcia, and we're trying to wrap our brains around it. On the one hand, it's Goofy, and we're thinking he might not have the proper skills to use that chainsaw to kill people. He's kinda known for being a klutz, right? So, if he tries to turn that thing on and raise it up to slash someone, something is bound to go wrong, like he falls backwards and cuts off one of his own body parts. Gawrsh!

    On the other hand, if any of the Disney characters who could turn into a homicidal maniac, Goofy might fit the bill. Well, he and Donald Duck, that is.

    Goofy is almost too simple, making him seemingly innocuous and therefore unnoticeable while things fester inside. In hiding his true self, the monster is created. Okay, that got too deep.

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    Snow White Disney Fan Art

    This Snow White from looks pretty aweomse, if we're being honest. She clearly has no issues taking a bloody good bite from that poisoned apple, as the blood drips down her hand. Nope, not going to fall under any spell today.

    What also draws you in are those eyes, so incredibly menacing, as the spiked lacy hood surrounds her face like horns. The added touch, however, are what looks like dwarf boots in the corner -- with nobody wearing them. Guess Snow had to get rid of Dopey.

    Looking at this image of Snow White makes us wonder: What if the “fairest of them all” was actually just as evil as the Queen? It seems like this Snow could just have easily ripped out the nasty old queen's heart without blinking.

    Too far? Maybe, but this entirely different Disney movie might just be one that we want to see.

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    Mike Wazowski-Disney-Fan-Art

    This Dan Luvisi guy seems to be having way too much fun ruining our childhoods with these awfully-amazing images of our favorite Disney characters – but we still have to share one more. Here's Monsters, Inc's Mike Wazowski, who looks to be entirely down on his luck. Or is he?

    The details in this drawing are too troubling to simply put it down to Mike having a bad day. For one thing, he's blind, so yikes to that. And clearly he's an alcoholic, sitting on a stoop in his totally grimy skivvies, exposing his grossly unkempt toenails, and wearing one sock.

    To add to it, there's the creepy Sullivan plush toy Mike has close to him, while also holding onto Randall, who's been cut in half. Yeah, this has definitely taken this Disney character way too far.

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    Lilo Stitch Disney Fan Art

    Speaking of going too far, our first reaction to this image is shock at Lilo's grown-up self. However, it stands to reasons that Lilo would eventually have to grow up after her adventures with the chaotic little alien Stitch, and it's completely plausible that she'd take after her older sister.

    But Stitch, holy crap! Apparently, while living on Earth, he hit the gym hard – and grew several inches. He was a genetic experiment after all, so the scenario of him becoming jacked in the future isn't off base.

    His muscular build doesn't bothers us as much as his lasciviousness as he holds onto Lilo. It seems he might have other things in mind than just being part of Lilo's ohana, and while Lilo looks nonplussed about it, it makes us nervous. Go back to being little and cute.

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    Let's just say there are a lot of messed fan art out there featuring our favorite Disney deer. Zombie Bambi eating Thumper's brains was one we saw and wished we hadn't. This is Bambi we are talking about, for pete's sake - the adorable fawn who has many woodland creatures as friends and loses his mother to hunters.

    We found this image of an alien-esque Bambi from artist Whiluna, though, and while it's eerie, it is also kinda cool, like a Bambi from an alternate universe. Probably the most disturbing thing about the piece is the teeth and horns – those misshapen, haphazard horns growing in odd directions from Bambi's head – but it intrigues us nonetheless.

    We still wouldn't want to run into this Bambi in the forest, though.

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    Winnie the Pooh-Disney-Fan-art

    Like Bambi, there are also many fan artists who want to turn the Winnie the Pooh into a raging wild animal, you know, like a real bear, or turn the silly old bear into a horrifying zombie who dips his paw into a honey jar filled with blood. No, thank you. Basically, turning any beloved Disney character into a zombie is going to have nightmarish results (see above – and below).

    So we went in a different direction in finding Winnie the Pooh fan art that completely strays from the norm. You have to give this artist Hartvig-art18 props for drawing a disgusting Pooh bear who has definitely seen better days. The most revolting part is the mouth, horrible teeth, dripping with saliva – and maybe old honey. Yuck.

    The heart band-aid on his head is also a nice touch. Now we are going to have to go watch Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day.

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    Artist Gabby Untermayerova strikes again with another zombie-fied Disney darling. Maybe not quite as gruesome as Ariel, this image of Belle still really gets us. As she reaches out with her dead fingernails, mouth chewed off, wanting to bite you, it's chilling.

    But what these artists really do well is painting those horrible dead and sunken eyes. It's the first thing that pops out, and you can't quit looking at them. At least Belle's hair still looks pretty good.

    Like Cinderella and Ariel, the other terrifying thing to imagine is just how Belle became a zombie. It looks like she was perhaps bitten in the arm? Hopefully it wasn't the Beast who did it (and we are guessing probably not because her whole arm would have been torn off). Maybe Gaston, or dad Maurice?

    In any event, things must be pretty grim in Belle's small French provincial village.


    What did you think about this collection of disturbing Disney fanart? Let us know in the comments below!

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