15 Disturbing Couples Fans Won't Stop Shipping

Thanks to movies and television, audiences have gotten some of the greatest love stories ever. From Titanic's Jack and Rose to Parks and Recreation's Ben and Leslie, some couples have simply become iconic over the years.

Then there are the couples that never actually happened, but despite this, fans hoped they would. Every once in awhile, the Internet realizes two characters are unexpectedly perfect for each other and a new "ship" sets sail into fandom. In a few cases, writers actually agree with fans and create the new couples.

Unfortunately, for every golden pairing idea, there are a number of exceedingly odd and disturbing ones. It's time to explore the weird, disturbing and just illogical couples that fans have-- for whatever reason-- dreamt up.

Here are the 15 Disturbing Couples Fans Won't Stop Shipping.

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15 Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter

There are some great rivalries in literature, and J.K. Rowling wrote one of the best: Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. What made the relationship work was the depth; the two boys hated each other, but still looked out for the other in weird ways. Malfoy didn't rat out Harry to Bellatrix in Malfoy Manor, and Harry didn't let Draco die in the Room of Requirement.

For a surprisingly large group of fans, this was because of secret romantic feelings between the two. The Draco/Harry ship is one of the most popular in the fandom, and makes the least sense. It's not that a Gryffindor and a Slytherin couldn't work together. There were probably plenty of those couples in the background of the Harry Potter series.

However, Harry made it clear in their first meeting – he knew who the "wrong sort" were. He and Draco were just too different.

14 Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones

When it comes to Game of Thrones, it seems that no relationship is truly off-limits. After all, Cersei and Jaime Lannister have made it this far. However, just because things have gotten weird, doesn't mean they need to keep getting weirder. Still, fans are hoping to see Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen get together in the final season of the hit show.

In true Game of Thrones fashion, this pairing would be an incestuous one. Based on flashback reveals, and an extensive family tree, Dany is actually Jon's aunt.

It may be an odd pairing, but it is unfortunately looking more and more likely. Daenerys is looking to solidify her rule through marriage, and incest isn't uncommon among the Targaryens.

Also, at this point, Jon and Dany are apparently unaware of their blood. Though the union would give the Targaryens complete rule over the throne-- and Jon and Dany share some key traits-- this is one family tradition that should be left behind.

13 Sam and Dean Winchester - Supernatural

Supernatural has always been more about the action than the romance, but that hasn't stopped fans from creating ships among the characters. Easily the most popular one is that of Dean and Castiel. The idea of the Angel and the Hunter together has only gotten stronger as the show has gone on.

However, as dark as the show itself is, there is an even darker ship in the mix: Sam and Dean. Indeed, there are those who believe that, after everything, the Winchesters have more than just a brotherly love. The actual, deeply unsettling term for this pairing is "Wincest."

In fact, the term has spread on Twitter to Game of Thrones references, for those who support the Lannister twins. If incest needs to exist on television, let it end with Game of Thrones.

12 Captain America and Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers in Captain America The First Avenger

Of all the Avengers, Steve Rogers had arguably the worst luck in love. He has a type (Carter women) but he still needs work on timing. Perhaps that is why fans are eager to pair him off any chance they get. Some popular options are Captain America and Iron Man (though Civil War showed how well that might go over) or Captain America and Falcon.

However, neither of those top the support of a relationship between Steve Rogers and his best friend Bucky Barnes. This has spawned some admittedly clever ship names, including "StarBucks" and "Barnes and Noble."

Though these fans must know that the men are best friends, and no more. Even though their relationship has been a struggle since Civil War – it's unlikely Steve's noble tendencies could overlook Bucky's decades of killing.

11 Elsa and Anna - Frozen


There are plenty of childhood-ruining things on the web. (Most include dark theories about characters being dead the whole time.) One of the most jarring is the number of fans shipping Anna and Elsa of Frozen. A gentle reminder: this is a children's film. It's true that Disney and its fellow studios have gotten surprisingly dark in the past, but this is just unrealistic.

On Reddit, the royal sisters have come to be known as "Elsanna." For some, the appeal is that they're perfectly opposite, making them compatible. For one Reddit user, it's "because any other ship requires that they be separated again, and that's too cruel to contemplate."

Idina Menzel, the voice behind Elsa, has voiced her support for giving Elsa a girlfriend, but odds are this isn't what she's thinking. With Frozen 2 on the way, here's hoping this ship only sinks in the Fjords.

10 Sheldon Cooper and Penny Hofstadter - The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Penny have always had an interesting relationship on The Big Bang Theory, generally trading sarcastic jabs. When the two are pleasant with each other, they give off a mixture of a mother/son and brother/sister vibe. Even so, a sizable portion of fans hope that each time Penny calls Sheldon "sweetie," she means a bit more.

Known across the Internet as "Shenny," Sheldon and Penny do share a kiss on the show. It happens in season nine, during a nightmare of Leonard's (and most fans). Of course, given how long it took Sheldon to kiss his actual girlfriend Amy, most fans knew something was off immediately.

Taking a moment to give the pairing real consideration, it becomes even clearer that it wouldn't work. Penny isn't up to par intellectually, per Sheldon's standards, and Sheldon is far too demanding for Penny.

9 Jack Sparrow and William Turner - Pirates of the Caribbean

There are two great love stories in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: Jack and the sea, and Will and Elizabeth. The latter is what drove the original trilogy of films, and a large reason why some audiences came back for the fifth installment. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales saw not only the return of Captain Jack, but also Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.

Will and Elizabeth's love story was epic, but not the right one for certain fans. There were people who shipped Will Turner with none other than the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.

The pairing has no official, fancy name but is fairly popular in fanfiction. Most are drawn to the idea that Will was meant to be a pirate from the beginning, and Jack encourages him to embrace that.

8 Mabel and Dipper Pines - Gravity Falls

As far as kids' shows go, Gravity Falls is one of the more "out there" ideas. A large part of its draw comes from the combination of humor and wildly unexpected situations. Somehow, it's not quite weird enough for some people, as there are groups of fans shipping Mabel Pines with her brother Dipper.

Taking a page from Supernatural, this pairing has been coined as "Pinecest." It is largely based on the idea that the twin's contrasting personalities and close relationship are the perfect yin and yang.

The ship has proven divisive even amongst loyal viewers, and is openly disliked among parts of the fandom as a result of the incestuous circumstances. Given that it is a show meant for children, most fanart and fanfiction in favor of the pair tends to depict the twins as teenagers or young adults.

7 Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray - Glee

During its six-year run, Glee covered almost as many relationships as it did songs. At some point, almost everyone was paired with one another. Some worked, while others were odd, but funny.

One duo that took a particularly weird hold-- despite never actually happening on the show-- was Rachel Berry and Quinn Fabray. The two were consistently at odds with each other, mostly competing for Finn's affection in the early seasons.

However, even after that was settled, the two never really got along. A friendship between the two seemed forced, so a romantic relationship would be even more difficult to process. It'd be similar to when Blaine dated Karofsky, and likely would have gone over even worse. Still, there's plenty of "Faberry" fanfiction out there.

6 Lorelai Gilmore and Kirk Gleason - Gilmore Girls

Kirk and Lorelai in Gilmore Girls

For Lorelai Gilmore fans, there were really only two camps: Team Luke or Team Christopher. Then, in season three, a surprising new camp sprang up: Team Kirk.

In the second episode of the season, Kirk found the courage to ask Lorelai on a date. As expected, she turned him down, but the potential pairing caught on in a small portion of the audience. Fans argued that his eccentric personality would complement her own. Thinking optimistically, some fans even argued that Lorelai could help Kirk grow up.

Hope for the two resurfaced in Netflix's reboot mini-series, when Kirk was spotted in the trailer having dinner with Lorelai and her parents. It was revealed that he was there just by a uniquely Kirk set of circumstances, but even still, one can find some odd fanfiction dedicated to the idea.

5 Rey and Kylo Ren - Star Wars

Falling in love might be forbidden for the Jedi, but that's never stopped them before. Anakin fell in love with Padmé, and now, fans are hoping for another great love affair.

Among the slew of rumors surrounding The Last Jedi, the relationship between Rey and Kylo Ren is getting particularly special attention. The fandom seems to be split; some think the two are cousins, assuming Rey is Luke Skywalker's daughter. An equal portion of audiences think and hope that Rey and Kylo will explore a romantic relationship.

A driving factor here is the idea that Rey turns to the dark side – it's really the only way the pairing would make sense. Even Padmé couldn't stand by Anakin as he turned into Darth Vader, and Rey's virtue is very similar. It's hard to imagine she'd get over the fact that Kylo destroyed an entire star system.

4 Meredith Grey and Alex Karev - Grey's Anatomy

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd were TV couple royalty. Even since Derek fell victim to the curse of Seattle Grace employees, fans have still kept him in their hearts, shunning the idea of Meredith being with anyone else. However, there's always been a subsection of fans rooting for Meredith and Alex Karev to get together.

This group of the fandom did get a glimpse of what a Meredith/Alex romance would look like in the season eight episode "If/Then". It was an alternate universe storyline, so it wasn't a true representation of the characters, but even in that arc the pairing wasn't quite the right fit.

As the only two original interns left, Meredith and Alex have developed true respect for each other, along with a deep friendship, but that's all it should be.

3 James Olsen and Winn Schott - Supergirl

Mehcad Brooks and Jeremy Jordan in Supergirl The CW

For most of the first season of Supergirl, Winn was pining for Kara, while Kara was pining for James. It became an awkwardly adorable love triangle, which ended with Kara and James really only being together for half an episode. Since then, most fans have focused on the action, rooting for Kara to better herself without a relationship.

As a result, Winn's romantic life took center stage. He found a relationship with Lyra, a relatively unknown alien with a knack for conning. However, most fans actually started hoping that Winn and James Olsen would get together. They're already a crimefighting team, and some fans hope that their time spent together will lead to more.

Their personalities have already butted heads, but the core problem here would be ego-- both are surprisingly self-conscious but eager for praise.

2 Alec Lightwood and Clary Fray - Shadowhunters

In the shadow world, a Shadowhunter dating a Warlock is almost as crazy as it gets. Magnus and Alec have become a beloved pair on the show, and their recent relationship troubles have been heartbreaking. Well, except to those who are hoping that Alec and Clary Fray will develop their own relationship.

The ship, under the name of "Clalec," started as a platonic friendship between the two. Even that was a bit of a stretch, though, given Alec's jealousy of Clary winning Jace's affection. However, as the show has continued to grow, book readers and TV audiences have united to root for a romance between the two.

Of all the Shadowhunters pairs, this one makes even less sense than Jocelyn and Valentine ever did. Alec and Clary are often too stubborn to even survive a conversation without bickering in some way.

1 Thorin Oakenshield and Bilbo Baggins - Lord of the Rings

Bilbo Baggins was unique in many ways, one being that he lived his life as a bachelor. However, just because he didn't look for romance, doesn't mean that The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings fans didn't look for him. In that search, one name continues to come up: Thorin Oakenshield.

The two do share a complex arc in the films, with Thorin initially coming down hard on Bilbo. While they develop a mutual respect and and friendship, "Bagginshield"-- as they came to be shipped-- never got much deeper. Regardless, fanart, videos, and fanfiction continue to surface, imagining a romance between the two.

With how long it took for the two to even become civil, it's a bit of a stretch to say they could actually end up falling in love.


Can you think of any other disturbing ships that fans have thought of? Tell us in the comment section.

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