District 9 Viral: Non-Humans Have Escaped!

One movie I’ve been looking forward to this summer ever since we first started getting info on it, is District 9, the sci-fi documentary-style film by the folks who were supposed to make the Halo film adaptation.

Today we have for you another sample of the viral marketing for the Neill Blomkamp-directed movie, this one in the form of a breaking news video report. This comes just two weeks after Screen Rant reported on some viral posters and a neat short film - Expect plenty more.

The high-level warning cautions the people of Johannesburg, South Africa to stay home as some of the so-called “violent and unpredictable” extra-terrestrial residents of the cordoned off zone have escaped.

Watch the video and see what you think:


I’m excited for this movie as original films are becoming a rare commodity these days. And as I said before, this one is selling itself on creativity as opposed to brand name, a bloated budget and bunch of A-list actors - that's something I find refreshing.

Also, check out the official District 9 poster from before:

[Click to Enlarge]

If you’re at San Diego Comic Con next month, look out for a panel on this movie as Peter Jackson will be making his first ever appearance at the International convention to promote this film which he helped produce.

Don’t forget to check out the awesome trailer for this movie. The original and uncensored versions of the trailer both debuted online in the first week of May and in theaters attached to X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

What do you think of this viral and are you excited for this film?

District 9 is opens for humans only August 14, 2009 in the US, and on September 4, 2009 in the UK.

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