Disneyland Introduces New Flex Annual Pass Ahead Of Galaxy's Edge Launch

Disneyland is introducing a new Flex Annual Pass ahead of the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge launch. With its extensive and growing theme parks, ownership over some of the largest film franchises in the world, and lengthy history as a creator of characters that have become permanent fixtures in the childhoods of many around the world, Disney remains one of the greatest mass media corporations in history.

Aside from its ongoing efforts to buy up as much of their competition as possible, Disney has been busy for years now, making additions and changes to several of its theme parks. Having purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012 for $4 billion, the Mouse House wasn’t just going to be content creating new films in the Star Wars franchise. Disney has always made efforts to incorporate at least some of their on-screen worlds into their theme parks, and given the sheer magnitude of the Star Wars universe, nothing less than its own attraction would suffice. It’s taken several years, but before this month is up, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will open its doors at Disneyland, before opening a second Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World in August.

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With just a matter of weeks to go before Galaxy’s Edge opens, Disney has announced that a new annual pass will be available for those want to spend as much time as possible at The Happiest Place on Earth. The Disney Flex Passport is an annual pass that allows guests year-round access to all of Disneyland’s attractions, as well as the Disneyland California Adventure Park. In addition to this, there are a variety of perks, discounts, and advantages to the pass, which will soon be available for $599.

Disney Flex Passport holders will be able to choose from a variety of “Good to Go” dates each month, in which they can attend the park attractions without having to book ahead or pay any extra. Other dates will require pass holders to make reservations in order to enjoy the park, while a “limited” amount of dates each month will simply be blocked, meaning no admittance for pass holders. In addition to park admittance, the Flex Annual Pass provides up to a 10 percent discount on dining and merchandise, as well as up to 15 percent off guided Disneyland tours. This is likely a welcome treat for many Star Wars fans who are planning on taking in as much of Galaxy’s Edge as possible when it opens in a few weeks time.

However, the fact that the Disney Flex Passport doesn’t offer unlimited admission to the parks is a bit of a let down. Though there are several days to choose from each month in the “Good to Go” range, pass holders who hope to beat the crowds and lines by going on a quieter day still have to contend with a limited amount of days to choose from. It would indeed be nice to just pop into Galaxy’s Edge for a Blue Milk on a warm summer’s evening, but for those Disneyland and Star Wars fans on limited budgets, $599 is a lot to spend on a pass that still limits your visits.

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