After Galaxy's Edge: Disneyland Gets Permits For Its New Marvel Land

Disney gets the building permits for the in-development Marvel Land. Not long after The Disneyland Resort opened its doors to its newest attraction - Star Wars: Galaxy's Edgethe company is moving full steam ahead for another project, one that would bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life so fans can have a more immersive experience outside of theaters.

The expansion to California Adventure Park at Disneyland Resort was first publicised in 2017. Marvel Land is set to begin building the superhero-themed attraction which is scheduled to open to parkgoers next year.  Disney has already closed its A Bug's Land area - an attraction inspired by the Pixar film, A Bug's Life. Now, it's barricaded with Stark Industries logo-plastered walls, teasing fans of what to expect from the new offering. Marvel Land will be located near the Guardians of the Galaxy: MISSION BREAKOUT - a ride which was originally the Tower of Terror before being retooled in 2017. Now, as Disney gears up for construction to begin, new details on what will be waiting for them in the upcoming attraction make their way online.

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A report from The Los Angeles Times reveals that the city of Anaheim has approved a string of building permits for several projects including a bathroom renovation, a retail store, a microbrewery (previously revealed to be Ant-Man-themed) and a character meet-and-greet-area. They are also given the go ahead for improvements to behind-the-scenes buildings. One of the authorization papers reveals that the merchandise outlet will be 2,071-square-foot with three attached canopies. The permits were approved this Wednesday and share the estimated work cost will be around $14 million. Other Marvel-themed attractions are expected to rise at Hong Kong Disneyland (2023), Walt Disney Studios Park in Paris (2020) and at the Epcot park in Florida (2021).

Not much is known with regard to the specifics of Marvel Land at this point, and Disney refused to comment when ask about these permits. Previous leaks hinted that one attraction will be Spider-Man-centric and will allow patrons to help the web-slinging hero fight bad guys. The upcoming attraction, however, won't have the word "Marvel" in its name. Licensing agreement which took place prior to Disney's acquisition of Marvel Entertainment in 2009 states that the branding cannot appear on any theme-park land. Instead, "Avengers" can take its place, and since the two are almost synonymous to each other thanks to the rise in popularity of MCU, this could also work.

With Disney hosting a D23 Expo this year, chances are that more information regarding Marvel Land will be revealed at the gathering. It's the perfect stage to announce official information about the upcoming attraction since the event is company-centric. This quick turnaround for another massive theme park expansion isn't the norm. However, it's also the best time for the House of Mouse to pave the way for their very own superhero land considering that the MCU is at the height of its popularity following Avengers: Endgame. That said, they need to make sure that they have as much publicity as they can get for the new Disneyland attraction given the tight time-frame and D-23 will be a great place to start promoting the place.

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Source: The Los Angeles Times

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