Disney XD Bringing DuckTales Reboot to San Diego Comic-Con

Disney XD is bringing its DuckTales reboot series to San Diego Comic-Con this year. The original DuckTales, which ran for four seasons between 1987 and 1990, was one of the more important animated TV series of its era. The tales of venal mogul Scrooge McDuck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, anchored the old Disney Afternoon block. The series also featured a theme song that’s an instant ear worm for anyone who ever watched it.

Disney has been at work on a reboot of the series for awhile now - first announcing it in early 2015, for the Disney XD channel, before scheduling it to debut in August. Disney must be high on the series too, seeing as it's already ordered DuckTales season 2 months before the first season begins. Now, we’re going to hear straight from the cast of DuckTales at next month's major geek event.

A DuckTales panel has been announced for San Diego Comic-Con next month. The panel is scheduled to take place Friday, July 21, at 3:30 p.m. in Room 6A at the San Diego Convention Center, Disney announced in a press release.

The panel will feature David Tennant (who voices Scrooge) and Hewey and Dewey (Danny Pudi and Ben Schwartz), although Louie (Bobby Moynihan) will not be there. Also scheduled are Kate Micucci (Webby) and Beck Bennett (Launchpad), as well as two members of the show’s creative team (Executive Producer Matt Youngberg and Co-Producer/Story Editor Francisco Angones.) The panel will feature “exclusive sneak peeks and talk about bringing this classic family of adventuring ducks to a new generation of fans," according to the press release report.

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DuckTales - Donald Duck

The new DuckTales series has a lot going for it, starting with a beloved property and a first-rate voice cast, which also features Tony Anselmo, who will voice Donald Duck, which he has done officially for more than 30 years. Even Hamilton mastermind Lin-Manuel Miranda will appear on the show as Gizmoduck. Singer Former American Idol contestant Felicia Barton, meanwhile, has recorded a new version of that iconic "Duck Tales, woo-hoo" theme song. 

The challenge, as with many reboots, will be whether the new show can live up to the legacy of the old one, as well as the memories longtime fans have of it. However, based on the DuckTales trailers and clips that have been released so far, the show's chances of success are looking quite good right now.

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DuckTales debuts with a one-hour episode Saturday, August 12, on Disney XD. The Comic-Con panel is scheduled for Friday, July 21, at 3:30 p.m. in Room 6A at the San Diego Convention Center.

Source: Disney XD

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