Disney Villains TV Show Reportedly In The Works For Disney Plus

A TV show based on Disney villains is reportedly in the works for the Disney Plus streaming service, with production set to begin in 2020.

Disney villains fans will want to subscribe to Disney Plus when it becomes available as the upcoming streaming subscription service will reportedly get a TV show based on some of the most wicked bad guys and gals to ever waltz through Disney properties. Although many children grew up with Disney princes and princesses, Disney villains have slowly begun to gain ground with fans, showing up on merchandise, in Disney theme parks and in pop culture.

Most recently, many of Disney's most famous animated villains got a live-action treatment on the TV series, Once Upon A Time. On that series, the Evil Queen, otherwise known as Regina, has a reason for being evil, but ended up getting a nice redemption arc that made fans love the character. The series also featured other villain favorites, such as Cruella de Vil, the Evil Stepmother, Ursula, Captain Hook and even Hades. Although some of the show's original cast left the series after its sixth season, the show went on to reinvent itself, villains included, in season 7 before its cancellation. Let's also not forget Angelina Jolie's live-action take on Maleficent, which went over so well that it's getting a sequel.

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Disney villains will get even more exposure on Disney Plus. Production Weekly reports that a Disney Villains TV series is in the works for Disney Plus with production expected to begin in 2020 in Dublin, Ireland. Details about the series are sketchy at best, and it's not clear as to whether the new series will be animated or live-action. No plot information is available yet either, save for that the series will follow Disney's iconic villains.

On the Disney Channel, Disney villains' children currently star in Descendants, a series of TV movies that follow the teenage sons and daughters of villains trying to make their way in the world. The third film of that series will air on the network in 2019. Disney Plus, though, has bigger and better plans for its villains, along with a host of other characters. Reports suggest that the company is planning on bringing an Obi-Wan Kenobi series to Disney Plus, along with a potential new Muppets series developed by Josh Gad.

Disney Plus isn't stopping there, though. The company reportedly plans on spending $500 million on original programming for its streaming subscription service, which will include several new Star Wars-based series, as well as series based around Marvel properties. A Disney villains series is just icing on the cake of what the company will eventually have to offer to subscribers following its launch later this year.

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Source: Production Weekly

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