Disney's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Adds New Drop Sequences & Storylines

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris gets an upgrade to add new story experiences, each with its own music, effects and drops.

Hollywood Tower Hotel

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror at Disneyland Paris is getting an upgrade and will soon have three new stories and random drop sequences. The Tower of Terror, which takes inspiration from Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone, is one of Disney Parks' most iconic e-ticket rides and has even spawned one movie and discussions about another one. The heavily themed ride takes guests inside the Hollywood Tower Hotel, where they enter an elevator that takes them up to a ghostly dimension before dropping them into a hair-raising downward plummet.

Although the first Tower of Terror debuted at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida in 1994, Disney later built similar versions of the ride at its parks in Tokyo, Paris and California. In 2004, Disney added randomized drop sequences to the attraction in Florida, but most of the ride remained the same. In 2017, Disneyland's California version of the ride was renovated to become Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. The ride uses technology that allows it to offer six different experiences, each with its own drop sequences, songs and visuals.

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This is more than likely the same kind of technology that the Disneyland Paris Tower of Terror ride will soon incorporate. WDW News Today revealed that Disney's Imagineering team are revamping the Tower of Terror in France to offer three different stories and ride experiences. This means new lights, music and vehicle movements, as well as randomized drop sequences for each experience. Each story focuses on the tower's ghost, a little girl who disappeared when the tower got struck by lightning in 1939.

The first story focuses on the ghost girl haunting the elevator. However, it's the elevator itself that wants to torment guests by trapping them and flinging them up and down. The second ride experience brings horrifying creatures to the elevator shaft, all looking for ways to frighten guests by sending the elevator up and down 13 stories. The third story takes guests to the fifth dimension with a poltergeist in control of the elevator - those guests can only hope the ghost girl can save them from crashing to their death. Guests can expect the new experiences to arrive in Paris on Sept. 28.

Disney has recently shown a new interest in upgrading its theme parks. Now, Disney Parks fans have a lot of new attractions to look forward to, including the recently opened Galaxy's Edge in California and Florida, as well as the upcoming Avengers Campus in California, Paris and Hong Kong. The Tower of Terror upgrade at Disneyland Paris is just one of many updates for Disney Parks. It's also likely that the new ride experiences will eventually roll out to other Disney properties.

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Source: WDW News Today

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