Disney: The 10 Best Animated 2000s Movies (According To IMDb)

Disney and Pixar are a match made in heaven. The 2000s saw Disney giving families the joy of visually stunning, emotional, cinematic animated films.

While Disney has always created animated features, the 2000s in particular were filled with a large number of movies that fall into this category. Because of this, we decided to take a look back at all the best animated Disney films from this era. Rather than picking our own favorites, however, we decided to turn to the ranking system on IMDb.

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The popular movie and entertainment website has assigned every single movie a star score on a scale of 1 to 10, based on the votes of registered users. This is what we’ll be using to stack up the top movies released under the Walt Disney Pictures banner.

Finally, before we get into things, we’re shouting it out to The Princess and the Frog. While this film had a high enough score to make the bottom on the list, we have limited room here and had to give spot No. 10 to the film that got more votes.

With that said, it’s time to take a trip back through all those feel-good animated classics. Here are the best animated Disney movies of the 2000s according to IMDb.

10 Cars (7.1)

Which Pixar Character Are You Based On Your MBTI

Pixar's Cars tells the tale of a rookie racer who ends up sliding out of his trailer on the way to a championship and stumbling into the sleepy town of Radiator Springs. Though Lightning McQueen's goal is to get out of the town as quickly as possible, it proves to be a challenge, as he's required to help clean up the mess he's made. The longer he's there, though, the more he realizes that his priorities might be in the wrong order.

The 2006 animation received many positive reviews for being imaginative, friendly, funny, and full of heart. It also received a handful of sequels and spin-offs.

9 Fantasia 2000 (7.2)

Disney's classic 1940s animated musical known as Fantasia received a sequel 60 years after its debut, in the year 2000. The film features a traditional orchestral soundtrack that is accompanied by dancing animations.

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Though the film's box office score was modest, the love for it was intense. Critics praised the entertainment value and artistry despite the slight redundancy.

8 Lilo & Stitch (7.2)

Lilo and Stitch

In 2002, the island of Kauaʻi, Hawaii received its newest inhabitant: a mischievous little extraterrestrial named Stitch. While the alien is the most wanted creature in space, he becomes the most loved creature on earth by a young girl named Lilo. She wants a dog, so when Stitch falls into her hands, she's eager to take him. Though she teaches Stitch about love and family, there's one problem: the extraterrestrials who made him are on the hunt to get him back.

The story was edgier than many other Disney films of the time, though it was just as clever and charming.

7 Treasure Planet (7.2)

This 2002 sci-fi adventure is a retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's iconic novel, Treasure Island. However, rather than being set on land and sea, all the action takes place in space. The story tells of a 15-year-old boy who finds a map that leads him on an adventure that's quite literally out of this world.

Though this underrated gem flopped at the box office, critics and fans alike raved about it. The pacing, humor, and visuals were praised, despite the characters receiving some criticism.

6 The Emperor’s New Groove (7.3)

This 2000 buddy comedy told of a selfish Incan emperor named Kuzco who, after being turned into a llama by his ex-advisor Yzma, must find a way to journey back to his palace and reveal his true identity. Doing so is no easy undertaking, and so Kuzco enlists the help of Pacha, the leader of a small village.

The film was laugh-out-loud hilarious, fast-paced, and full of fresh characters. Its success earned it a direct-to-video sequel film, Kronk's New Groove, in 2005 and a TV show, The Emperor's New School, in 2006.

5 Ratatouille (8.0)

Backdropped by the bustling streets of Paris, 2007's Ratatouille uncovered what happens when a rat who loves to cook gets entangled into a scheme with the talentless son of a famous chef.

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The film featured gorgeous animations, a lovely soundtrack, a gripping story, and emotional weight. These ingredients made for a near-perfect recipe.

4 The Incredibles (8.0)

In 2004, the world was rescued by an animated hit about a superhero family living in an alternate version of the '60s.

Years after the supers are forced into silence after the public becomes frustrated by them, Mr. Incredible gets an offer that will allow him to reincorporate into the world as a hero. The problem? The people he's working for turn out to have an alternative agenda and his wife must set out to save him. Oh yeah, and the kids sneak into the action.

The film's reviews were incredible, with many loving the wit and the heart. Though it took a while, the film ultimately received a sequel in 2018.

3 Finding Nemo (8.1)

In Finding Nemo, Marlin is living contently under the sea — that is until a diver captures his son Nemo. This has the overly cautious clownfish embarking on a giant adventure to track Nemo down alongside a regal blue tang with short-term memory loss.

The 2003 adventure was praised for its cast, animation, imagination and humor. Having won the Academy Award for Best Animated Film, it naturally received a sequel entitled Finding Dory in 2016.

2 Up (8.2)

After being asked to leave his residence and enter a retirement home, Carl Fredricksen decides to set out for the South American destination known as Paradise Falls by lifting his house off the ground with balloons. While he hopes to have a peaceful journey, bringing along a single photograph of his wife, he is interrupted by a young Wilderness Explorer who was on his front porch step during take-off. It's not long before the simple trip becomes a chaotic adventure.

The 2009 film was just as hilarious as it was touching, and the warmth and beauty of it all didn't hurt either.

1 Wall-E (8.4)

Topping off the list is the 2008 sci-fi adventure about a little robot who has been left to clean up all the trash that is scattered across the earth. However, after meeting a robot named EVE, Wall-E soon learns that there's a whole other world out there in the Axiom starliner, where humans are awaiting the future that is yet to come.

While the story had the lightheartedness that would attract young children, it also contained social themes and emotions that captivated the attention of adults.

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