Disney Streaming Service Will Not Include Any R-Rated Movies

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In an unsurprising move, Disney's upcoming streaming service won't feature R-Rated content. As more and more companies seek to compete with Amazon and Netflix, a variety of streaming services have cropped up. CBS has been particularly successful with theirs thanks to Star Trek: Discovery, but in 2019 Disney will launch their own version. Disney's streaming service will cost substantially less than Netflix according to the company, fitting as it will only offer a limited pool of content. Then again, Disney's many acquisitions over the years mean they have a lot to pull from.

Disney will have over 8,000 ABC TV episodes alone, and that's not factoring in things from Disney XD, Freeform, and other networks they own. Not to mention, all the Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars content that Disney has access to. On the latter front, we learned earlier this week that Disney is developing multiple Star Wars shows for the streaming site, including word that a live-action series is finally on the way. And while fans hope that means a more mature take on the galaxy far, far away, things won't be getting too adult.

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Deadline has the first news of Disney's streaming service, which is slated to launch in the fall of 2019. The report confirms multiple projects in development, many based upon familiar Disney IPs. Meanwhile, new Star Wars and Marvel content will arrive, though things like The Defenders and their ilk on Netflix will stay put. The big piece of news, however, is that no R-Rated movies will be hosted or produced for the service. Instead, that content will end up on Hulu which Disney will own a majority stake in if their deal to purchase 20th Century Fox goes through.

The news that the Marvel-Netflix shows will stay where they are is likely heartening for fans worried about getting yet another subscription service. It should also quiet fears that Disney will lighten that content at all. The big question, however, is how this affects the Fox content that could soon come under the Disney umbrella.

We've heard Disney wants to make Deadpool sequels, so there's no plans of stopping the Merc with the Mouth. Likely, that means his films would still hit theaters as-is and then land on Hulu afterwards. By doing so, Disney could maintain their brand image on their namesake streaming service but still profit off of movies and shows on Hulu.

The report reaffirms that a Star Wars series will be part of the TV launch of Disney's service, as will a new live-action Marvel show. ABC has failed to move forward on a number of MCU shows so far, and it could be that Marvel and Disney are waiting to premiere them digitally next year. Assuming darker contain will remain on Netflix (or join Runaways on Hulu), we could see lighter fare aimed at a younger audience be generated on the streaming site. The strongest possibility is the New Warriors show, which recently lost its home at Freeform but is still in production. Hopefully, we should have some more concrete details on the service soon.

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Source: Deadline

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