Here's What Disney's Star Wars Resort Looks Like

Disney Star Wars Land Galaxy's Edge

New concept art for Disney's upcoming Star Wars resort has been revealed, teasing an immersive new experience for fans. Disney's long-running Star Tours was once the best way to dive into the world of Star Wars, but that all promised to change when the company bought up Lucasfilm. The result has seen an explosion of Star Wars media, but it's also meant the imminent arrival of a new themed land coming to Disney Parks in Florida and California. Next year, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will let fans ride the Millennium Falcon, walk around iconic locations, and even eat in the Star Wars Cantina.

Beyond the various rides and attractions in the park, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will bill itself as a completely new experience for attendees willing to open their wallets. Toydarian vendors will sell Star Wars toys like they're at a market in The Phantom Menace, and those staying at Walt Disney World Resort will even get accommodations designed to look as if they're in space. Now, we have a new look at what to expect for the latter.

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Disney Parks Blog has released two short videos which showcase a piece of concept art each for the new Star Wars hotel experience. As you can see, everything from the bed to the views will be based around the films:

This isn't our first look at the bonus features of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. We recently got an update about Star Wars and Marvel at Disney Parks that teased a similar experience while also highlighting what Disneyland Paris attendees will get in the way of superheroes. A new Ant-Man & the Wasp ride in Hong Kong, meanwhile, will take advantage of the upcoming film to give riders a unique size-changing adventure.

Outside of Star Wars and Marvel, Disney will also be focusing more on their Pixar properties soon. Florida's Walt Disney World will get Toy Story Land this summer, using the hit films as the basis for a new land full of rides and restaurants themed around various toys and characters. While many theme parks owned by movie studios have a hodgepodge of different property rights they work with, Disney is starting to hone in on the IPs that have been doing the best at the box office. With more Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars content, fans of the films will have plenty to experience.

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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens in 2019.

Source: Disney Parks

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