• Marvel asked for 25% of future Spider-Man movies, not half. 1 / 9

  • Marvel and Sony recently ended their partnership on Spider-Man films. 2 / 9

    Spider-Man Far From Home Peter Parker Tom Holland Vertical
  • The main reason why was because the studios couldn't decide on the financials. 3 / 9

    Tom Holland As Peter Parker In Spider-Man Far From Home
  • Marvel reportedly wanted 50%, but Sony wanted to keep the deal at 5%. 4 / 9

    Spider-Man Far From Home Poster Tom Holland Vertical
  • Well, more recent reports indicate that Sony was willing to give up 25%... 5 / 9

    Tom Holland As Spider-Man In Far From Home
  • Which is exactly what Disney is said to have originally asked for. 6 / 9

    Spider-Man Far From Home Tom Holland Vertical
  • Maybe this is all just public negotiating at its finest. 7 / 9

  • So, a new Spider-Man deal could still potentially be agreed upon. 8 / 9

    Spider-Man Far From Home MJ Zendaya Vertical
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