15 Disney Shows That Went WAY Too Far

Disney Channel holds a special place in the heart’s of children. Many of these shows stick with kids as they grow up and help guide their worldview. From hilarious sitcoms to original movies, Disney Channel dominates children’s entertainment. People have fond memories of watching their favorite childhood shows and crushing on different characters..

Their animated series and sitcoms are funny, entertaining, and charming. While most of these shows teach important life lessons and remain appropriate for kids, every once in awhile an episode will take things a little too far. Most kids would not think twice about more mature jokes or situations, but as adults, it’s clear that something is off.

Some of the jokes they most likely throw in for the parents are definitely not appropriate for kids, while other episodes use themes that are a little too mature for the target audience.

Parents have even petitioned for certain episodes to be take off the air or boycott a certain show. From inappropriate innuendos to jokes about eating disorders, watching some of these moments that viewers loved as kids now as adults has a tendency to ruin a person’s innocent childhood memories.

With that in mind, here are the 15 Disney Shows That Went WAY Too Far.

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The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
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15 Suite Life of Zack and Cody - Keeping London in the bath

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody is one of the more popular shows from Disney Channel history. It earned three Emmy nominations and a Kid’s Choice Award during it’s four year run. It was so successful, it spawned a spinoff called Suite Life on Deck.

The show made quite a few revealing jokes during its time on the air, but one of the more obvious ones was about the character London Tipton. In one episode, Cody tells Zack to “keep London in the bath.” Zack enthusiastically replies “I’ll go get my snorkel!”

While a child may laugh innocently at the silly joke, it’s clear that it is not innocent. Zack wanting to see London naked is not something one expects to see on a Disney show.

14 Shake It Up - Laughing about eating disorders

Shake It Up is where actresses Bella Thorne and Zendaya got their acting start. The show aired for three years and ended in 2013.

While the show was widely successful, it was known to have inappropriate humor. The characters dropped innuendos often, sparking criticism from parents. The show came under the most fire, however, after making a joke about anorexia.

A supermodel on the show told characters Rocky and Cece, “I could just eat you up, well, if I ate” before laughing with her group of friends. Former Disney star Demi Lovato, who once suffered from an eating disorder, immediately took to her Twitter to criticize the network’s offensive joke.  

Disney responded, apologizing for the joke and taking the episode off the air to reevaluate it.

13 Kim Possible - Coughing up sausages

Kim Possible

Kim Possible was a widely successful animated series on Disney Channel. As a kid, it’s easy for innuendos in the show to pass by unnoticed. However, if you go back and watch Kim Possible as an adult, you’ll notice a few jokes that may have been too much for a kid’s show.

In one episode called “Low Budget”, Kim and Ron face-off with a villain named Frugal Lucre, with a meat-themed twist. He attempts to hold the internet hostage and his plan involves someone scanning a can of Vienna sausages. When fighting Lucre, Kim tells him to “cough up the sausages.” Ron immediately exclaims, “Ew, rephrase please.”

The joke definitely goes over the heads of children, but it’s surprising to see such an adult innuendo appearing on a kid’s show.

12 Jessie - Making fun of gluten allergies

Jessie starred actress Debby Ryan and focused on the life of a nanny and the kids under her care. The show aired from 2011 to 2015.

Parents have complained that the show has far too many revealing jokes for children. The show also was on blast after making fun of children with gluten allergies.

A character named Stuart stated thathe couldn’t eat something because he is gluten free. The rest of the cast threw pancakes at him and made fun of his allergy. The character was also written as annoying, sniveling, and bossy. He was teased throughout the whole episode.

Parents were immediately offended by the treatment of the allergy. One even started a petition on to get Disney to quit bullying kids with gluten intolerance. In response to the outrage, Disney pulled the episode off of the air.

11 Wizards of Waverly Place - What goes in the mouth

Wizards of Waverly Place ran for over four seasons on Disney Channel. It was very successful, winning three Emmys and accumulating more seasons than That’s So Raven. It had the most watched finale in the history of the network.

The success did not stop the show from taking things too far at times, as some of the jokes were not as innocent as they appeared to be. In the episode “I Almost Drowned In a Chocolate Fountain”, Alex lies about keeping something in her retainer case. Justin points out that she doesn't have a retainer, and Alex chimes back, “You don’t know what goes in my mouth.

While children would laugh at the joke, adults will take a step back to evaluate what she just said. The innuendo is a bit too mature for the network’s target audience.

10 Boy Meets World - Underage drinking problems

Boy Meets World never shied away from serious subject matter. The coming-of-age sitcom is not afraid to broach more mature subjects, like intimacy, drugs, and alcohol.

However, the episode called "If You Can’t Be With The One You Lovereceived complaints from parents, insisting it depicted subject matter too mature for children.

In the episode, Cory decides to drink after his breakup with Topanga. Shawn joins him. The episode goes on to address the problems of alcoholism after Shawn won’t quit drinking.

This was one of three episodes Disney decided not to air, originally. Teen drinking was just too much to have on Disney Channel. The episode was, however, shown as a rerun on other channels, such as ABC Family.

9 Hannah Montana - Hiding candy from diabetes

Hannah Montana - Hannah and Lilly

Hannah Montana is one of the most well-known children’s shows of all time. The show was an instant success, garnering praise from critics and adoration from children and teens. It had four seasons and consisted of ninety-eight episodes.

The show managed to avoid controversy for the most part. There was one episode however, that went so far they decided not to release it when it was originally supposed to air.

In the episode, Miley and Lily learn that Oliver has diabetes. The group of friends all work extra hard to keep him away from sweets as he acts like he cannot abstain from indulging in candy.

Parents complained that the episodes portrayed diabetes in a poor manner, and the episode was pulled. It was re-shot and re-edited, and premiered at a later time that it was originally supposed to.

8 Jessie - Making fun of stereotypes

Not only did Jessie outrage parents with their portrayal of gluten allergies, but they also offended viewers with their portrayal of the character Ravi. Ravi is an Indian American child that Jessie nannies. There have been complaints that he is often shown as an Indian stereotype.

His Indian accent is often used as a way to heighten jokes. It’s treated as funny rather than just the way he talks. Their use of Indian culture is typically as a punchline. When he came of his room wearing a special outfit worn in Indian culture, the show plays a laugh track and shows Ravi’s family making fun of him.

Disney Channel has been known to take jokes a little too far at times. With Jessie in particular, they have come under fire for being racially insensitive.

7 Lizzie McGuire - Glossing over eating disorders

Lizzie McGuire Bra Episode

Lizzie McGuire ran on Disney Channel from 2001-2004. During its run, the show won two Kids Choice Awards and was nominated for two Emmys.

While the show was known to inspire young girls and teach them how to navigate the teen-world. One episode, however, received a lot of criticism for the way it portrayed eating disorders. It was called “Inner Beauty”. In the episode, Miranda begins to skip meals.

While the show runners were attempting to educate people about eating disorders rather than show an accurate depiction of anorexia, Miranda skips two meals and almost faints.

By the end of the episode, she no longer has an eating disorder and it’s never mentioned again. The episode has received quite a bit of backlash throughout the years.

6 Boy Meets World - Having too much fun at prom

Boy Meets World was criticized again after they made an episode in which Cory and Topanga discuss sleeping together. It was another episode banned from airing on Disney Channel.

In the episode, Cory and Shawn are excited about what could happen on prom night. Cory and Topanga discussed losing their virginity prior to the dance. They get a room but things keep getting in the way of them sleeping together, so they end up changing their minds. Angela and Shawn decide they are not ready as well.

It’s no surprise that parents did not want their kids to watch an episode with such mature material in it. It’s hard to believe that this episode was made for a kid’s network in the first place. Disney Channel took things little too far for children.

5 That's So Raven - Dancing too closely

Anneliese Van Der Pol in That's So Raven

While That’s So Raven is known for remaining pretty wholesome during it’s time on the air, one episode took things a little too far with a revealing joke.

In an episode called “Out of Control”, Raven has a vision of Eddie and Chelsea, which she mistakenly believes to be of them kissing. In reality, Eddie and Chelsea are salsa dancing.

When Raven gets around to asking them about why they kept it a secret, Chelsea says Raven would have “controlled their every move.” Raven reacts disgusted, saying “I don’t even want to think about y’alls moves.

As the conversation goes on, when Raven hears what they’re thinking about doing it on stage, she exclaims “My dad runs a clean, respectable business.” This all seems a little too inappropriate for a children’s show, ya nasty.

4 Suite Life of Zack and Cody - Thinking about the birds and the bees

The Suite Life didn’t just joke about seeing London naked-- the show also made a revealing joke about Maddie in the episode “Not So Sweet Sixteen”.

When talking to Esteban, Zack mentions that he and his dad had a talk about the birds and the bees. This seems suggestive enough for a kid’s show. However, later on, Cody mentions that he knows how to get Maddie the perfect birthday gift because he actually listens to her.

When he asks Zack what he was doing instead of listening to her, Zack says he was “staring at her, thinking about that talk we had with Dad.” That’s definitely strange to hear on a children’s show. Disney Channel may have taken things a little too far with that comment.

3 Good Luck Charlie - Planning to do "it"

Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie was on Disney Channel from 2010 to 2014. It was created to appeal to the entire family rather than just children, resulting in a few adult jokes from time to time.

The show, however, has been criticized for having a few too many mature jokes. The parents in the show are a hilarious duo, but they make a lot of innuendos. F

or example, in one episode, when the dad says “We weren’t even planning on doing it,” the mom quickly chimes in “getting married” to clarify that they didn’t mean anything inappropriate.

In another episode, the mom is explaining to her son Gabe that, when she got with his father, they didn’t do a lot of talking. When Gabe questions what they did, she quickly says, “We... played checkers. Lots and lots of checkers.” Parents of the viewers began to complain that the revealing jokes were too inappropriate for their children.

2 Boy Meets World - Remembering health class

Boy Meets World takes things too far quite a lot. In the episode “Breaking Up Is Really, Really Hard To Do”, it goes too far yet again with a revealing joke.

The episode opens with Cory at Chubbies. He looks around for Shawn, who is busy making out with a girl. Later on, he tells Cory “Remember in health class, that section on the movement of blood? I understand it now” and they give each other a knowing look.

While the show has never been afraid to push it’s luck with more mature themes, obvious adult jokes are still shocking to hear. A kid may never understand the joke, but any adult watching will do a double take. 

1 The Proud Family - Revealing Halle Berry

The Proud Family

The Proud Family was an animated show that ran on Disney Channel from 2001 to 2005. It followed the adventures of Penny, a junior high student, and her friends and family.

One episode showed Sugar Mama and Bobby in a movie theater. They’re watching the movie Swordfish, which many people would not realize is an inappropriate movie to show on a kid’s series. In the movie, Halle Berry appears without any clothing on. The Proud Family cuts away right before Berry moves her book and flashes the audience.

It’s strange for a kid’s show to reference such a racy and mature scene. Children would not understand it, and adults would just wonder why they chose to write it in. Disney Channel took things too far with this joke.


Can you think of any other Disney Channel shows that went way too far? Join the discussion in the comments!

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