Disney Buying Fox Won't Ruin Deadpool

The Punisher Meets Guardians of the Galaxy

If Fox had never agreed to make Reynold's version of Deadpool into a film and the actor and fan were looking to pitch the idea to Feige, it would likely be sold as The Punisher meets Guardians of the Galaxy. Both James Gunn with his Guardians franchise and Taika Waititi with this year's Thor: Ragnarok proved that Marvel's irreverent and often absurdist tone could be translated from the comics to film. This style of comedy is all over dozens of books Marvel has made, and it will likely be a big part of future films. What's more, but it perfectly matches Deadpool in the comics.

While the cinematic Deadpool is packed full of R-Rated cuss words and sexuality, his comic book counterpart is a bit more nonsensical in his approach. That's not to say that a Disney Deadpool movie would have to lose the franchise's established tone, but even if they did they could remain true to Deadpool in the comics. As for the violence, well, Disney has been proving they're fine with that for years.

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The first thing to keep in mind is that Deadpool's R rating doesn't come from its violence. Sex and language are often what bumps and movie into that designation, something Deadpool traffics in but, as stated before, isn't essential to the character. But for fans worried that Disney wouldn't be keen on all the blood and bullets that surround Wade Wilson, there's really no cause for concern.

Aside from all the previous examples of darker Disney-backed movies, the Marvel-Netflix series showed from the jump that they were a different beast. Daredevil featured some truly brutal and bloody violence from its first few episodes, and last month's The Punisher proved Disney and Marvel Studios both aren't squeamish when it comes to darker and more mature content. DaredevilJessica Jones, and The Punisher are also all psychologically dark shows, diving into heady topics and tackling the effect of trauma and violence on individuals. Deadpool, by comparison, is just an over-zealous middle school kid dropping f-bombs.


The argument that Disney will tone down Deadpool on screen doesn't seem to be based in anything concrete, other than a general fear of change. But The Punisher, Touchstone Pictures, and Deadpool's countless comic books prove that Marvel and Disney aren't afraid to explore every angle of the Merc with the Mouth. For the time being, we can only speculate what the Deadpool franchise will look like under Disney ownership, but there's plenty of signs proving that Reynold's baby will be just fine in the House of Mouse.

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