Did Disney Pull the Plug on Donald Glover's Deadpool Show?

Donald Glover's Deadpool show on FX got canceled due to "creative differences. Were the differences because Disney wanted something more kid-friendly?

2017 was a year made entirely of dreams fulfilled and personal success for Donald Glover. And while this was something that most fans could see coming from light years away, it was still a satisfying experience. Everyone loves watching their guy win – in this case, over and over again. New fans got swept up into a much different adventure that could easily be dubbed the Donald Glover Award Tour.

The suits and tuxedos were bold, in a way that never actually goes well for most men on Hollywood red carpets. A single speech introduced  Migos - "Bad & Boujee" to an entire audience of people who probably never knew it existed. He was cast as young Lando in the impending Solo: A Star Wars Story as well as (sort of) live-action Simba in The Lion King. And the trophies just kept coming. Not to mention, he dropped a critically acclaimed album right after what is, arguably, the best show on television. Along with all of that, FXX announced his involvement in an animated Deadpool series. Donald and his brother Stephen were set to write, produce, and serve as showrunners. Glover was Disney'd down to the socks. But part of that partnership came to a swift and abrupt end, just days ago.

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“Due to creative differences, FX, Donald Glover, Stephen Glover and Marvel Television have agreed to part ways on Marvel’s ‘Deadpool’ animated series, FX will no longer be involved with the project.”

That's the statement that ended all hope for a Glover led Deadpool on FX.  But so often, that kind of declaration becomes a catch-all. And in the age of rampant fandom, it's never really enough to sate the public, which is something Donald Glover seems to know, too. The star rarely tweets, save for a few promotional announcements; however, he had enough time to let the world know on March 28th, in a since-deleted Twitter thread, "for the record: i wasn't too busy to work on deadpool."

This Page: Donald Glover's Deadpool Pushed Boundaries

Donald Glover's Deadpool Pushed Boundaries

But the name in that statement that most likely holds the key to Deadpool's cancellation is Marvel. And these days we know that when we see Marvel, it really means Disney. 20th Century Fox might hold the rights to live-action Deadpool, but when it comes to television, Marvel, which is owned by Disney, calls the shots. In the very first sentence, it becomes clear that FX and the Glover brothers are lumped together in the same sinking ship. A sinking ship in which Marvel Television, aka the house that Mouse built, pulled the plug on with controlling authority.

What followed were screenshots of a 15 page spoof script of the show's finale, written by Donald himself as the voice of Deadpool. As usual, the Merc With a Mouth sure did have a lot to say. Through the voice of Wade Wilson, we get an eyeful of Mr. Glover's perspective on why exactly his Deadpool series got axed. There also happen to be some of the best pop culture references ever typed into a word processor, quite possibly making this a top ten diss track of all time.

Ben Carson gets a shout out at the very top of the show. Wade talks about his budding investment in a volatile bitcoin market, several young, new generation rappers like YBN Nahmir, Rich the Kid, and Tekashi69 get mentioned, and Fortnite gets some love.  There's even some great stuff in there about the culprit responsible for biting Beyoncé in the face, a revelation revealed in a GQ interview with Tiffany Haddish. In fact, the entire plot of this finale is one big pop culture reference about the last white rhino. And boy, is it funny.

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