15 Disney Princesses Memes That Will Ruin Childhood Memories

Disney Princesses are known for intelligence and courage, grace and honor, beauty and personality. It is now safe to say that they come from many different backgrounds and lead adventures that take them in many different directions, and the Internet loves all of them for it - especially when it comes to making memes.

While some Internet memes are made at Disney’s expense, most people who create these memes are voracious Disney fans who use the studio’s characters to illustrate relatable situations that we all go through in the real world. Frozen is the most recent example of a Disney film that spun hundreds of thousands of different memes, but it is definitely not the only example of Disney Princesses who are turned into popular jokes. Hipster Ariel - featuring The Little Mermaid herself wearing thick black glasses - and Asleep Aurora - showing the Sleeping Beauty in her deep slumber - are other examples of very popular memes that came from the studio’s beloved fairy tales.

But Disney fans grow up and face adult problems, which means that some memes based on beloved Disney Princesses end up taking adult-leaning turns that, frankly, challenge our child-friendly memory of those characters by placing them in situations that are simply too real.

These are 15 Disney Princesses Memes That Will RUIN Your Childhood.

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This meme brings justice to Esmeralda, one of the most underrated Disney characters of all time, and one who should totally get more attention from fans – even if she doesn’t fall into the “Disney Princess” category. It’s no secret that Aladdin appreciates a strong woman, so it makes sense that someone like Esmeralda would catch his attention, and that Jasmine would not let him get away with it at all.

Like Jasmine, Mulan, Merida, Moana, and others, Esmeralda is totally in control of her own journey and is without a doubt the strongest character in her film, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, even in the face of being constantly objectified by Frollo.

Maybe Jasmine and Esmeralda could both ignore Aladdin and link up to become a power duo of best friends.


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Drunk texting travels as quickly as Merida’s arrow, and this meme is here to prove it.

As seen in 2012’s Brave, Merida has no interest in finding a potential husband, and is instead more concentrated in developing and showing off her bow and arrow skills. The film was Pixar’s first-ever attempt in developing a character that would join the ranks of Disney Princesses, and was also supposed to be the studio’s first full-length feature to be directed by a woman. Brenda Chapman, who was initially tapped as Brave’s director, was eventually replaced by Mark Andrews, however, due to “creative differences.”

Brave was also Pixar’s first-ever film to feature a female protagonist. This was followed by 2015’s Inside Out and 2016’s Finding Dory – both of which are among the studio’s three highest-grossing movies of all time alongside Toy Story 3.


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The Little Mermaid fans have to own up to the fact that Eric and Ariel’s love story has one massive (and somewhat problematic) plot hole: he fell in love with a girl who didn’t say a word and was found naked on the beach.

Ariel is, of course, a lot more than her looks, and Disney tried to convey all of her personality in the film through ways other than the character’s voice so that Eric could reasonably fall in love with her. Still, it begs the question that Eric’s logic in falling for her makes very little sense in the real world.

Fans are okay suspending their beliefs when watching fairy tales, however, so it’s not a big problem. Also, the original fairy tale that inspired The Little Mermaid is a lot darker than the Disney film, so it’s probably for the best that the studio made a few changes.


After belting out “Let It Go,” Elsa takes full control of her own destiny in Frozen, but that switch unfortunately leaves Arendelle in an endless winter and without its Queen.

This meme is about being drunk and trying to walk without falling, but it also correlates to Elsa’s unwillingness to admit that she needs to fully embrace her powers in order to gain full control of them (and restore Arendelle to its normal weather).

Frozen 2 is expected to be released in November of 2019, featuring the entire original cast once again. Two short films – Frozen Fever and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure – have been released since the original Frozen, updating fans in regards to what happens between the first movie and its upcoming sequel.


Sometimes you lie asleep in bed feeling just like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty, except that there was no Maleficent to cast a spell on you – it’s just the consequence of late-night partying and a massive hangover.

There are currently two official versions to Aurora’s story in the Disney canon. The original version of the facts came in 1959’s Sleeping Beauty, where Maleficent casts a spell on Aurora and Prince Phillip wakes her up with a kiss. Then, in 2014, came the live-action film Maleficent, where it is shown that it is actually Maleficent’s remorseful kiss on Aurora’s forehead that wakes her up from a deep slumber.

But let’s be honest: unlike Aurora, there’s usually no “true love’s kiss” to wake us up in the morning after a hangover.


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This meme is a witty twist on the lyrics of The Little Mermaid’s most well-recognized song, “Part of Your World”, which serves as Ariel’s ultimate anthem in the film.

In the song, Ariel sings that she wants “to be where the people are.” In this meme, however, the character is shown with a glass of wine and a laptop streaming Netflix, suggesting that Ariel has changed her mind and just wants to be where people aren’t.

In the modern world, reclusion is a state where most introverts feel more comfortable. Wine and Netflix seem like an odd combination for Ariel, as one can safely assume that wine couldn’t be drunk underwater and Netflix wouldn’t work in the deep sea. It’s still pretty relatable, though, isn’t it?


Through Anna and Kristoff in Frozen, Disney poked fun at its own past storylines, suggesting that the idea of a princess marrying someone she has just met makes no sense. In this meme, Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, and Jasmine are all shown staring angrily at Kristoff, who tells Anna he doesn’t trust her judgement, justifying it by asking, “Who marries a man she just met?

As a matter of fact, even though the Frozen franchise has spun two short films since the original movie, Anna and Kristoff are still just dating and have not married one another. Though many fans lauded Frozen for being the first time where this happened, it’s safe to remember that Mulan was a previous example of a Disney Princess who did not marry someone she had “just met,” and instead took her time getting to know Li Shang before anything else.


It’s no secret that many fans speculate that something more than wrestling and some walking around was happening between Simba and Nala in The Lion King scene for the tune “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” This theory is especially supported as the film ends with Rafiki holding Simba and Nala’s daughter, Kiara, meaning that the couple got pregnant sometime before the grand finale showdown between Simba and Scar, when Simba regained power of his kingdom.

Of course, being a Disney movie, one can only speculate about such things. Still, this meme is a funny comparison between the real world and the fictional one in The Lion King. Simba appears worried, but Nala looks peaceful, and they ultimately have a great time being certain that they are meant to be with each other.


Besides kitchen utensils as hairbrushes and weapons, it seems like Disney also believes that sleeves are incredibly effective makeup removers.

It can sometimes be challenging to take off even the smallest amount of makeup from one’s face, so it’s safe to assume that it would be a major task to take off the amount of makeup that was put on Mulan’s face in the beginning of her movie. The scene in Mulan where the makeup is removed is during the singing of “Reflections”, where Mulan is seen owning up to who she really is under all the clothes and makeup that she was pressured to wear that day.

Disney is expected to release its live-action adaptation of Mulan in 2019, featuring Chinese actress Liu Yifei in the title role.


Disney movies are known for their unrealistic expectations of finding love, having talking animals as friends, and overcoming powerful villains in the blink of an eye. But there’s yet another thing to add to that list: the usage of kitchen utensils for things other than cooking and eating.

The first and most popular example of this practice came in The Little Mermaid, as Ariel famously used forks for brushing her massive red hair. In Tangled, Rapunzel was seen using a knife as a weapon, which was common to see in other movies, but not so much in Disney fairy tales. Rapunzel also used her endlessly long hair as a rope in many different ways, which is definitely an alternate use for something that doesn’t usually serve that purpose.


Some little girls love fantasizing about the day they will become a Disney Princess, especially one as smart and adventurous as Belle. But truth is, life happens, and sometimes things don’t particularly go that way.

This meme jokes about the fact that some people don’t end up becoming someone like Belle, but instead, they end up like one of the desperate and close-minded villagers that surrounded (and judged) Belle’s free spirit. While this concept is gender-neutral, if one was to point out positive examples of male characters in Beauty and the Beast, it’s safe to assume that neither the Beast (for the most part) or Gaston are great role models for boys to follow. Leave it to Lumiere and Cogsworth to show manners and intelligence!


Snow White has enough experience with poisoned apples to understand how it feels to be intoxicated (and maybe even black out). This meme reminisces on the fact that, sometimes, people drink one too many shots of alcohol during a pregame and get too inebriated while still riding a car to the club.

Unfortunately, for Snow White, it wasn’t really her choice to become intoxicated. It wasn’t even an honest mistake, either. The Evil Queen set her up completely, offering a poisoned apple aimed to curse (and eventually kill) Snow White without any mercy. A more accurate comparison to alcohol would be that Snow White got “roofied” by some substance that was put in her drink.

Thankfully, things eventually turn out fine for Snow White, and the Evil Queen is defeated.


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The question this meme wants to ask is simple: is having a huge tiger as a docile pet really that much far off from a flying Magic Carpet?

Jasmine seems curious but worried about Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, but that logic is a little questionable, as she herself lives in a reality where having a pet tiger is completely normal. One can assume that, as she questioned whether the Magic Carpet was safe to ride, Jasmine was actually still scanning Aladdin and deciding whether he was worthy of her trust. Later in the film, she finds out that she was sort of right about challenging his full honesty.

In 2019, a live-action adaptation of Aladdin will hit the big screen featuring Will Smith as the Genie.


It’s hard to find a Disney character other than Pocahontas who is as peaceful as she is assertive. This meme perfectly fits the character, as she gracefully falls down a waterfall while, at the same time, she flips everyone off, grateful for being done with work for the week.

The feeling of TGIF is nearly universal, as a restful weekend is always appreciated after a busy and productive week. In Pocahontas, the Powhatan tribe is always hard at work between their hunting, rituals, and explorations, but some rest is also undoubtedly appreciated by them.

Released in 1995, Pocahontas is one of the few successful Disney franchises that haven’t seen any recent continuity and haven’t been greenlit for a live-action adaptation - no surprise considering how inaccurate and disrespectful to Native American culture the film is.


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Who knows, maybe Evil Queens are actually, deep down, just Disney Princesses who have gone through a lot.

As seen in the Disney live-action film Maleficent and in the Broadway musical Wicked sometimes villains are evil for a reason, not just because they were born that way. This theme has also been recently explored in the Disney Channel original movie Descendants, where the teenage children of Cruella, Jafar, the Evil Queen, and Maleficent are suddenly faced with the harsh truth that maybe they don’t always have to be evil all of the time.

Speaking of which, the Cruella live-action adaptation is still in the works, and it is expected to also present audiences with a new point-of-view that might redeem her as a character.


What's your favorite Disney Princess meme? Share it in the comments!

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