Disney Princesses Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

From Elsa to Moana, we take a look at these Disney princesses' characters to determine which of Harry Potter's Hogwarts houses would be for them.

Disney Princesses

Disney princesses already come from the world of fairy tales, so it’s not hard to imagine them as students at Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. To be fair, most of the Disney princesses don’t have magical skills of their own in their stories, but they certainly get a lot of magical help on their journeys.

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If they were Hogwarts students, the ladies of Disney would find themselves placed in a specific house by the Sorting Hat, a magical hat capable of seeing the potential of students. The Sorting Hat has four houses to choose from. Students could wind up in Gryffindor if they’re courageous. They find themselves in Hufflepuff if their primary concern is fairness. Ravenclaw is for those with curious minds. Slytherin houses those who prize ambition above all else. Though all Disney princesses are brave and believe in good triumphing over evil, they would be sorted very differently amongst the Hogwarts houses.

10 Cinderella: Hufflepuff

Cinderella Disney Princess Hufflepuff

What the young woman does spend a lot of time doing is cooking, cleaning, and sewing. For some reason, she even remains loyal to the family that treats her horribly. She’s a Hufflepuff through and through.

9 Jasmine: Slytherin

Jasmine Disney Princess Slytherin

Jasmine not only uses the one weapon she has against Jafar - herself - but she also is able to repeatedly disguise her intentions in both versions of the story. She even has a lofty ambition: becoming the Sultan and defying tradition.

8 Ariel: Gryffindor

Ariel Disney Princess Gryffindor

Instead, Ariel’s sheer disregard for the rules simply to experience life on land is pure Gryffindor. She also saves Prince Eric’s life more than once, and goes up against the fearsome Ursula to get her voice back.

7 Belle: Ravenclaw

Belle Disney Princess Ravenclaw

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The live action version of the Disney character took the idea a step farther, making her an inventor like her father. She didn’t just want a sense of adventure from her books, but an understanding of how to make things work.

6 Snow White: Hufflepuff

Snow White Disney Princess Hufflepuff

Why? Gryffindors aren’t known for their careful planning or methodical work. Snow White devises a plan to stay with the dwarves before she ever meets them. She essentially makes herself their housekeeper in order to rent space in their home. As a result, she might be one of the hardest-working of the early Disney princesses, a highly prized Hufflepuff trait.

5 Moana: Gryffindor

Moana Disney Princess Gryffindor

Moana initially begins the journey completely on her own. She takes to open water in a boat she only theoretically knows how to use. Wanting to help her island, but also wanting to explore, the reckless act is all Gryffindor bravado.

4 Rapunzel: Ravenclaw

Rapunzel Disney Princess Ravenclaw

The audience gets to see all of the skills Rapunzel hones in her first big musical number. She paints, sews, reads, cooks, and observes the stars. She’s naive, but she’s got a keen mind and is a quick learner. Her hunger for more knowledge is what leads her for most of the movie.

3 Tiana: Slytherin

Tiana Disney Princess Slytherin

Like Jasmine before her, Tiana has a goal. While Tiana doesn’t plan to outwit villains and become the leader of a nation, she does want a life of her own. She plans to own her own restaurant, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. If she ends up having to kiss a frog, Tiana will do it.

2 Anna: Gryffindor

Anna Disney Princess Gryffindor

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Likewise, Anna, despite never having made a long journey before, tracked her sister down when Elsa left for Anna’s own safety. Anna rushed headlong into icy danger to make sure Arendale ended up with its rightful ruler. That sounds pretty Gryffindor.

1 Elsa: Hufflepuff

Elsa Disney Princess Hufflepuff

Some might see that as a little Slytherin. That would only be true if she spent her time plotting or training. In actuality, she kept herself alone to keep her little sister safe. Loyalty and love were her primary motivations. Eventually, she worked hard to learn control, like a true Hufflepuff.

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