Disney has a long tradition of creating memorable movie and TV characters. That means that the studio spends countless hours not just on those characters’ personalities, dialogue, and general quirks, but also many hours designing their clothing, attitudes, postures, and everything that makes them physically embody their particular character. And all that hard work shows, too, especially in the company’s later films.

Some of Disney’s princesses, though, aren’t as awesome as maybe fans expect. Some find themselves trapped in misogynistic stereotypes and attitudes of what animators once thought princesses should entail. Early Disney movies focused solely on princesses who got rescued by men, their princes. Even later movies focused on princesses finding love, as if that were the most important part of their world. Fortunately, later movies gave us stronger and more independent princesses, but perhaps they still aren’t as amazing as fans wanted.

Some fans decided to give the Disney princesses makeovers, though, in the form of fan art. These redesigned princesses look even better than in their original designs, thanks to different art styles, different poses, and different wardrobes and props.

Here are 15 Crazy Disney Princess Redesigns Better Than The Movies.

15. Belle dressed as Beast

15 belle 15 Crazy Disney Princess Redesigns Better Than The Movies

Why do Disney princesses always have to wear dresses? Even the one princess who complained about dresses, Merida, still ends up wearing a dress at the end of the movie. Who says that a princess has to wear a big and bulky thing that she can barely move around in? What if the princess got to dress a little more comfortably? What if she got to wear the clothes of a prince?

This piece of artwork by Haruki Godo shows that Belle would look a lot better if she were wearing Beast’s outfit. The pants and jacket really suit her, much better than her usual yellow dress. Let Beast wear the ballgown: this version of Belle is better than the one we saw in the movies.

14. Megara in period dress

13 meg 15 Crazy Disney Princess Redesigns Better Than The Movies

In the movie Hercules, Disney tackled ancient Greece, and for the most part, got much of the costuming right. It’s true that Megara is not officially a Disney princess, but to most fans, she counts. This redesign of Megara’s outfit by Claire Hummel makes Meg even more period-appropriate, though.

The details of the clothing (as well as its layers) are probably more like the period than what Disney came up with. The gravity-defying hairstyle, too, is more like what one might find in the artwork that came from that time. The face is more Greco-Roman than what Disney drew for its animated film, as well.

This is a Megara fans could get behind, all attitude and sass. But she still won’t say that she’s in love with Hercules – although she might sing it.