Myers-Briggs® Personality Types Of Disney Princesses

Binge-watching Disney movies on the weekends is kind of a tradition with us, and on our last marathon, we got to wondering, what's the Myers-Briggs® type of each of the Disney princesses? Far from cookie-cutter reproductions, each Disney princess has a personality all their own. They're not just archetypes, they're all different, each with their own set of traits that make them uniquely lovable.

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Disney could've made heroes and heroines that were all the same, but they didn't. They made complex characters for each of their stories, and that's what makes them so great. Let's take a look at these ten leading ladies and examine their personalities to determine how they fit into the MBTI® world.

10. Moana - ENFJ

From the very beginning of Moana, we learn that the title heroine is a caring individual with a thirst for adventure. She's torn between wanting to stay on her island and take care of her people as her father wants her to, and the desire to follow her gut instinct, which tells her the answers to all her peoples' problems lie just over the horizon on the ocean blue.

Obviously, you could argue any of these princess's personalities any which way, but because of her empathy, intuition and strong will, we say Moana is an ENFJ. This type is charismatic, warm and altruistic. They're natural born leaders with the ability to create a long-term plan and make it a reality.

9. Elsa - INTJ

Princess Elsa of Frozen can be hard to read. She's quiet and reserved, but beneath her regal exterior, she's actually afraid of herself and her powers. Of course, as the film plays out and the story unfolds, Elsa learns how to harness her capabilities and mends her relationship with her sister, all through the power of song.

Elsa has an image to maintain, but when she's with the people she loves, she lets her hair down. She's the mature sister, true, but she can be as big a goof as Anna when she wants to. To anyone she doesn't know, Elsa is stoic, only warming up to her friends and family. She's logical, analytical and often uncomfortable dealing with her own emotions, much like the INTJ.

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8. Merida - ESTP

Merida is, well... Brave. But brave isn't all that Merida is. She's also headstrong and rebellious, determined to throw off the binds of tradition and cut her own path in life. Though Merida's determination to be the master of her own fate lands her (and her mother, for that matter) in some hot water, everything turns out well in the end. Thanks, Disney!

Merida's a thrill-seeker, a real adrenaline junkie, and she has a habit of jumping into situations with both feet before testing the waters first. She's a bundle of energy, she's got a sense of humor even in the most serious of times and she just marches to the beat of her own drummer in general. That's an ESTP all over.

7. Belle - INFP

Compassionate, idealistic, and gentle, INFPs are sensitive souls, but don't make the mistake of thinking they're all cinnamon roll, no sin-namon roll, because au contraire. When these people feel threatened - say, when one of their personal values has been violated, or when a loved one is in jeopardy - they have no problem standing up for what they believe in.

All of these personality traits fit Beauty and the Beast's Belle quite well. She's an imaginative girl who never quite fits in. She's always got her nose in a book and loves to romanticize things. Adaptable, friendly and accepting, Belle is an INFP if ever we saw one.

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6. Jasmine - ESFP

Much like Merida, Jasmine, of Disney's Aladdin, dislikes that her position as princess means she's basically just a tool in a male-dominated game. She's definitely sassy and opinionated, and she has no problem telling people exactly what she thinks. But just because she's got a mind of her own doesn't mean this Disney princess is uncouth. She's actually very persuasive when she wants to be.

Fun-loving, spontaneous and with a wonderful sense of humor, Jasmine fits right into the ESFP Myers-Briggs® personality type. ESFPs don't just want to have a good time, they want to make sure everyone else is having a good time, too, and they have a way of bringing the best out of people.

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5. Pocahontas - INFJ

INFJs are often called social chameleons because they have the ability to mirror the personality types of the people that they encounter. This isn't done because INFJs are fake, rather, it's the INFJ's attempt to make the other person feel more comfortable with them. Making people feel welcome, that's one of the things the INFJ is all about, and that sounds a lot like Disney's beloved Pocahontas to us.

Even when the rest of her people were against fraternizing with the white man, Pocahontas just wanted everyone to get along. She's curious, independent, idealistic and perpetually seeking deep, meaningful connections, not only with other people, but with the world and her place in it, too.

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4. Tiana - ESTJ

Tiana may seem like she's all work, no play, but to the ESTJ, work is play. This is a type that loves to take charge and see a task through to completion. ESTJs value hard work, which makes them quite the force to be reckoned with at times.

Tiana is ambitious, yet she's also realistic. She's got big plans to open up a restaurant of her own, but she doesn't just sit on the sidelines daydreaming about that reality, she puts her nose to the grindstone and makes it happen. By waitressing at other restaurants, she gains experience, illustrating the ESTJ's ability to create long-term, practical plans to achieve their ultimate goals.

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3. Cinderella - ISFJ

The ISFJ Myers-Briggs® type has a deep-rooted sense of responsibility, and this is what drives them. They feel duty-bound to take care of their loved ones, always eager to do what is expected of them, whether it's in terms of societal expectations or tradition.

Cinderella is an ISFJ. We mean, how could she not be? She takes all of the abuse from her stepmother and stepsisters in her stride, preferring to focus on her duties and remaining optimistic, even in a situation that would drive other types to madness. She waited patiently for her Prince Charming, she stayed humble, loyal and loving. Yep, Cinderella's an ISFJ all over, if you ask us.

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2. Rapunzel - ENFP

Half Belle from Beauty and the Beast, half Moana from Moana, Rapunzel from Tangled is like a hybrid princess, a wonderful mixture of the two. The ENFP shares many traits with the INFP and the ENFJ. This type is warm, altruistic and is tremendously idealistic, which only adds to their charm.

The ENFP is enthusiastic when it comes to achieving their own dreams and when it comes to helping others achieve theirs—Rapunzel definitely fits that bill. They're imaginative and enviably creative, each with an infinite well of ideas they're just itching to flex their artistic muscles with. ENFPs are people-oriented, but enjoy exploring their inner world, too, so they're social butterflies who know how to entertain themselves when they're alone.

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1. Mulan - ISTP

When Mulan's father was too feeble to join the army in the fight against the Hun, what did she do? Cut her hair with a sword in one of the most GIF-worthy moments in cinematic history and ran off to take his place, that's what!

Mulan's just gotta be an ISTP. This type enjoys finding practical solutions to problems. Though they're reserved and sometimes shy, these people are action-takers. They generally have no problems abiding by the norms, but they're not afraid to break rules if they think they're stupid or if it's obvious that they're not doing anyone any good. When Mulan took her father's place even though that wasn't for girls to do? Total ISTP move right there.

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