Disney's Weird New Princesses Created By Buying Fox

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men Dark Phoenix

UPDATE: Disney's purchase of Fox has been made official. The original article follows.

The pending sale of 20th Century Fox's licenses and assets to the Walt Disney Company could result in some unlikely Disney Princesses. When Disney bought Lucasfilm and Star Wars a few years ago, fans took delight in pointing out that Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) joined Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, and Mulan among others as a Disney Princess. Now, there could be more potential Disney Princesses forthcoming, possibly as soon as this week if the Disney/Fox deal is finalized.

Over the years, the definition of what makes a "Disney Princess" has broadened. It doesn't just denote royalty or coming from a storybook fairy tale, it has come to mean being a strong and independent young woman was well. A Disney Princess can now come from any walk of life and any genre of story.

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Still, as if the heroic Rebel leader from a galaxy far, far away, Princess Leia Organa, wasn't enough of a bucking of Disney Princess tradition, some truly weird Disney Princesses could be in the offering from this Fox deal. Star Wars is a family-friendly IP, after all. However, Fox has several properties that don't easily and necessarily fit in with Disney's usual atmosphere - which is what makes this possible incoming crop of Disney Princesses-to-be so amusingly weird.

With a roster including killers, aliens, a cyclops, and a feline femme fatale, here are a few of the crop of Disney Princess that will be created by Disney buying Fox:


Ripley vs Queen Xenomorph in Aliens

Families visiting Disneyland and Walt Disney World can expect to be greeted by Belle, Rapunzel, and Moana, but imagine also getting to pose for a photo with the Xenomorph Queen? The Alien franchise is expected to be part of the Fox deal, which means the Big Bad of James Cameron's Aliens can possibly be considered a future Disney Princess, though that title would be a bit of a demotion for the Alien Queen. However, would any female Xenomorphs the Queen bred also be considered a Disney Princess?

Signourney Weaver's Lt. Ellen Ripley, as well as the various female heroines of the Alien franchise like Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron), could also be considered future Disney Princesses, but the Alien Queen and the Xenomorphs would by far be the weirdest to claim that title. Still, imagine the Disney theme park photo ops!


Lisa and Juliet in The Simpsons Heavenly Creatures spoof

Lisa Simpson has always been the brightest and most admirable of her family. She's more than worthy of being a Disney Princess. The eldest daughter of Homer and Marge is certainly the most intelligent and progressive Simpson, but at heart, Lisa is still an 8 year old girl who loves ponies (in fact, her own Pony is named Princess), Angelica Button novels, and vacations to Itchy & Scratchy Land and Mt. Splashmore. Her potential futures have included her being the President of the United States (after President Trump), but she would also likely very much enjoy being a Disney Princess.

While Lisa would probably write a scathing op/ed to the Springfield Shopper expressing the dangers of Disney's potential monopoly of Hollywood franchises, she would also in her heart of hearts love waving to adoring onlookers as part of the Main Street Electrical Parade. Then again, Lisa would very likely organize her fellow Disney Princesses into a union for equal pay and equal rights as fast as Homer and Bart would be arrested at Disneyland for kicking Mickey Mouse or Goofy in the crotch.


If the acquisition of Fox's assets includes the FX Network, the Disney Princess mantle could include the teenage daughter of 1980's Soviet spies. Paige Jennings (Holly Taylor) is the long-suffering eldest child of KGB agents Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth Jennings (Keri Russell) in FX's The Americans. Paige discovered her parents' true identities early in the series and has been struggling to reconcile her life and even possibly following in their footsteps ever since. Poor Paige deserves some brightness in her life and something to look forward to. Maybe being a Disney Princess would be it!

Meanwhile, her younger brother Henry (Keidrich Sellati) remains blissfully unaware that he's part of a family of Russian spies. However, the Jennings never did get to go on a planned trip to EPCOT Center because Peter and Elizabeth's duty interfered. As a Disney Princess, Paige could at least make that family visit to Disney World a reality.


dana scully the x-files

FBI Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) would probably bristle at the thought of being considered a Disney Princess, but there are few better role models for young girls (and boys for that matter). Fiercely intelligent, pragmatic, and capable, Scully and her partner Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) have been investigating alien conspiracies and other paranormal events since the early 1990's. Like Princess Leia, Scully would help redefine what it means to be a Disney Princess.

Along with being a federal agent, Scully is also a medical doctor. She is as unlikely a Disney Princess as anyone, but The X-Files franchise remains alive and well after a successful revival, and it's likely a property Disney would be interested in acquiring. Scully has also been to Springfield and met Lisa Simpson previously, so she at least knows one other future Disney Princess on this list.

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