22 Wild Disney Princess Redesigns Better Than Wreck-It Ralph 2

Images of the various Disney Princesses from the upcoming Disney animated movie Wreck-It Ralph 2 have the Internet buzzing with excitement and possibility, much of it stemming from Vanellope's dubious regard of the princesses' predicament.

When she asks if they need law enforcement intervention after they ask her if she's been abducted, cursed, or otherwise mistreated, it's a perfect self-parodying moment for Disney, much like the joking about falling in love with someone you just met in Frozen. It's also hopefully a nod to Disney's moving toward more modern storytelling methods and gender dynamics in its movies.

Even so, as fans squealed over seeing some of their favorite Disney characters in the trailer and anticipated the movie, many more fans have already created new versions of the same old princesses that are much more inventive and exciting than the Wreck-It Ralph 2 versions. This comes as no surprise, given how wild and rampant the minds of fans can be, coupled with the fact that they have the freedom to mash-up different fandoms and genres as they choose without any obligatory contracts or trademarks to honor.

Fans also tend to ignore the norms that Disney upholds, from body size and image to the capabilities of gender to even the number of women allowed in a single scene together. In short, Disney Princess fan art is often more satisfying than the original source material, no matter how beloved and nostalgic those movies are to us.

Here are 22 Wild Disney Princess Redesigns Better Than Wreck-It Ralph 2.

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22 Scorched Elsa

Take away the element of ice from the Frost Queen's arsenal and replace it with something literally much hotter and you get a Queen of Fire, courtesy of fan artist lazytoontown.

Elsa's own appearance is warmer in this pyro version of the princess, complete with a cool Katniss-esque gown.

Given the whole "conceal, don't feel" disastrous upbringing the poor girl experienced, we could definitely see this version going Firestarter on her own stuffy palace as a child.

The artist also played with the element of water for another Elsa look, so she's practically a Pokémon now.

21 Beauty Chains the Beast

Check out that sword and that determined gaze. With her unkempt hair, bold stare, and cool, hooded gown, Belle is a pretty awesome princess-to-be in this version of Beauty and the Beast by artist MeoMai.

And what about the Beast? Belle doesn't look like a prisoner who marries out of Stockholm Syndrome in this piece. Instead, he looks every inch her servant, his telltale chain displaying her ownership of him.

"Human again?" We're pretty sure this Beast is still a beast-- and Belle's guard dog.

20 Emo Snow White

This modern take on Snow White, in honor of her turning 80, appears much less fragile and much more cunning. Artist Junica-Hots depicts her thoughtfully sipping from an presumed poisonous apple, the gold in the fruit running from her very eyes as she stares at the viewer knowingly, daring them to save her.

This is a princess who doesn't require saving.

She is probably poisoning her own drink to build up a tolerance to it before she challenges Regina George to a drink-off in order to rule the school.

19 Rapunzel And Merida At Hogwarts

Princesses attending Hogwarts is practically a dream come true for fans of both the Disney Princess and the Harry Potter fanchises.

Artist yukihyo sorted Rapunzel into Hufflepuff and Merida into Gryffindor, making the archer into the Quidditch team's seeker. The two look like they are quite at home in the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and why wouldn't they be? Between Rapunzel's magic hair and Merida's experience with curses and wisps, they already know a thing or two about magic.

18 Ariel, Warrior Princess

Move over, Xena: Ariel is in the house. Artist dkh88 has created a version of the Little Mermaid who looks fierce and ready for battle alongside Aquaman. Perhaps she could even give him a run for his money.

Poised with her trident and some pretty amazing armor, this mermaid is ready to defend her territory at all costs.

She isn't about to lose her voice for someone she just met.

While some fans have requested similar versions of Prince Eric, we think she looks like she's doing pretty well for herself without the aid of a human.

17 Monster Princesses

Monsters will always be popular, so what better way to give the Disney princesses an update than with a few monster looks?

Artist noflutter presents an adorable version of the princesses as classic movie monsters, from Belle as the werewolf to Cinderella as Frankenstein's Bride. Each has a wild look with a hint of creepiness, perfect for a Disney horror flick.

Take note of these styles for Halloween season, especially if you have someone in your life who really wants to be a princess.

16 Modern Pocahontas

Pocahontas has always been one of the most problematic princesses, although the problems don't stem from the woman herself, but the completely inaccurate tale woven into the film.

A modern rendering of the princess might shine better light on her story should she be given a voice to tell it, and artist Naimly's version of the character is as modern as it gets.

Between her partly-shaved head and torn jeans, Pocahontas could fit into any modern high school or college setting.

While it's not her duty to educate the world, perhaps those around her might delve more deeply into her story.

15 Rapunzel Thor

What might happen if the Disney princesses transformed into Marvel superheroes? The mashup ideas are endless, and artists like Christopher-Stoll have given us glimpses at what they might look like.

Pictured here, Rapunzel takes Thor's long locks to a whole new level, but even better, she wields a frying pan instead of Mjolnir.

The artist has some other incredible renderings of Pocahontas as Captain America, Snow White as the Hulk, Jasmine as Iron Man, and Ariel as Black Widow. Be sure to check out Tiana as Nick Fury and Mulan as Hawkeye, too.

14 America's Next Top Disney Princess

How often have the London and New York fashion show photos made you think of the Disney princesses? If so, you're kindred with artist liminowl, who came up with this mega modern idea.

From the haute couture to the princesses' very faces, every inch of each character screams runway while still maintaining some sort of homage to the original princess design.

For some fun be sure to check out the author's little gossipy quotes from each character, written to provide more authenticity to the whole scenario. Some are downright snippy.

13 Disney Space Princesses

Princesses in space! It might be a slightly overused trope, particularly with sequels, but it's also a fun idea to find Mulan, Pocahontas, Tiana, and company in space with their various space suits and weapons.

There's even an robotic Maid Marian!

Artist coolbyproxy says that Princess Leia was left out simply because she is already a space princess. Each princess is clearly depicted with elements that differentiate her from the rest.

The artist has created other space Disney characters, such as villains, as well as some of the princesses as solo stars.

12 Art Nouveau Princesses

Artist Hannah-Alexander created a series of Art Nouveau costume designs for the princesses and some other Disney characters that are nothing short of gorgeous.

From organza and chiffon to boned corsets, beaded trimming and translucent puffed sleeves, each design is magical in its own way, truly giving Disney a run for its money.

Be sure to click through all of the artist's works to see the beauty of each different design, from Elsa, Anna, and Kida to Tinkerbell, Esmeralda, and Meg.

11 Western Frozen

Ever get a Clint Eastwood or Mattie Ross vibe from Elsa and Anna of Frozen? Maybe not, but artist viennaorlando imagined the queen and the princess in a The Good, The Bad and The Ugly scenario and it has birthed a sea of plot bunnies. Hans is even present, holding the pair at gunpoint.

This is quite an interesting take on the characters, far outside the realm of Arendelle. 

It makes us wonder how the sisters might fare in the Wild West. Would Elsa's powers even work somewhere that hot? Maybe they'd be amplified at nighttime.

10 Klimt Tiana

Combining gorgeous fine art with Disney characters doesn't seem like an obvious use of artistic license but when artist Morloth88 did so with Princess Tiana and Gustav Klimpt's "Woman in Gold"piece, it pretty much rocked our world.

The piece is utterly gorgeous and a brilliant, unique form of mashup.

Created for a special contest, this work features a simple coloring book page transformed into a fabulous work of art.

Imagine if other great works were transformed with Disney princesses-- perhaps "The Scream" with The Little Mermaid? "Sunflowers" with Princess Anna?

9 Warrior Cinderella

She's one of the infamously helpless princesses. Yes, she's kind, beautiful, and can sing, but she doesn't really do much aside from clean house and dream of the handsome prince.

To be fair, that's fine: if many people pursued a simpler life we'd surely be in less environmental trouble, at least. But many see Cinderella as a helpless maiden against her stepmother and stepsisters, who don't even have magic powers.

This version of Cindrella by tragicPOPCORNmoment looks fierce enough to challenge them for her rightful home. The artist has created warrior versions of princesses like Belle and Ariel, too.

8 Avatar Tiana

What if all of the Disney princesses were to star in an Avatar cartoon of their own? Artist racookie3 presumes that Princess Tiana would become Swamp Bender Tiana, complete with vibrant colors and an accompanying Louis, whom the artist refers to as a moss creature that helps her in protecting the swamp.

The deviations don't stop there. The artist also transformed Pocahontas into an Air Bender, Ariel into a Water Bende,r and Princess Jasmine as a Fire Bender, among others. The artist even has a rendition of Snow White and the Seven Earth Benders!

7 Empress Mulan

We all know that while not a true Disney princess, Mulan did a whole lot more than many of the traditional princesses and deserves a title of her own.

Empress Mulan, as Willemijn1991 has created here, seems to do her some justice.

Being the ruler of a nation suits Fa Mulan best, particularly after she proved herself in battle, deceived everyone she knew in order to save China, and put up with the nonsense of almost every other character in the process.

Sure, she eventually received some acknowledgement and brought honor to her family, but she's a natural leader who should've been given more power.

6 Steampunk Ariel

Disney characters in steampunk gear are the best and this version of Ariel by MecaniqueFairy wins the Internet.

Everything about this version of The Little Mermaid is better than the original, from her functional flippers and breathing apparatus to the cool design itself.

The colorful pattern still alludes to a princess while the rest makes her seem even more of an adventurer rather than a teenage hoarder.

The eyepieces also give Ariel the look of the web-famous hipster Ariel that everyone knows and loves.

5 Tiger Jasmine And Mulan

Sure, we had Maid Marion, but other than that we haven't really had anything close to an anthropomorphic princess on the big screen, unless you count Princess Tiana's curse. So when artist LorDefiance created this cool rendering of Jasmine and Mulan as anthropomorphic creatures, she created something special.

The colors are particularly magical, and the characters themselves pretty much beg for Build-a-Bear reproduction.

Disney, it is definitely time for another Robin Hood-esque movie, perhaps with these two princesses in the leading roles.

4 Moana As Maui

Disney gender-bending is the best, particularly when a pliant, submissive princess finally gets to go on an adventure or do something other than be rescued. Moana does not fall into this category in the least. In fact, she is one of the coolest, most active princesses in Disney history. Even so, Moana re-imagined as the demigod Maui in this piece by Arbie-Creative is still quite intriguing.

We have to wonder what the biggest difference would be in the film. Would Moana convey Maui's arrogance and charm? Or would the god develop humility?

3 Fox Elsa

It's as if Princess Elsa was transported to Zootopia, and we love it. Artist nik159 has imagined her as a serene, melancholy Arctic fox, which truly captures the new queen's sorrow while still transforming her into a lovely anthropomorphic creature.

The creator of this piece says that the coronation outfit is the best of Elsa's wardrobe, which is why it was selected here.

The same artist created various animal versions of other princesses, like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, as well as villains like Maleficent and the Evil Queen.

2 Pacific Rim Princesses

Artist Lou has placed all of the princesses in the same world where they would be directed by Guillermo del Toro, which just has us over the moon.

Imagine Jasmine, Pocahontas, Ariel, and Tiana all as Jaeger pilots!

If Disney combined with the world of Pacific Rim, not only would we have the coolest array of pilots, but also the most incredible monsters!.

Stitch, Mike, Sulley, Raja... the possibilities of Disney Kaijus inspired by monsters, sidekicks, and villains are beyond cool.

1 Jedi Merida

Now that the Star Wars family attends Disney family reunions, it's not a far-fetched mashup, but it's one of the most incredible ideas we've seen: Merida as a Jedi, complete with an amazing lightbow instead of a saber.

From her fierce expression to her amazing hair and steampunk outfit, she looks as if she were born to be in that world rather than DunBroch.

Artist Phill-Art dazzles us with this concept, as well as sister art of Jedi Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, and Rapunzel.


What's your favorite Disney Princess redesign? Let us know in the comments!

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