Marvel, Star Wars, The Simpsons & More Celebrate Move to Disney Plus

With the launch of Disney+ right around the corner, Disney's subsidiaries like Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and The Simpsons, recently showed their support for the new streaming subscription service on Twitter. Disney announced it had plans for a streaming service in 2018, and since then, the company has slowly revealed the kind of programming subscribers can expect.

Set to launch on November 12, Disney+ will feature a lot of content from its main company, as well as from its subsidiaries. Although subscribers will have access to existing Marvel and Star Wars content, they can also expect to get new shows in those franchises. But Disney+ will also include Pixar, along with content from Fox, thanks to Disney's recent acquisition of that company's assets. Fox content not only consists of the hit animated series The Simpsons, but movies and TV shows by National Geographic. Disney CEO Bob Iger has even said the company pursued the Fox deal because of its streaming plans.

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These subsidiaries recently took to Twitter to celebrate their move to Disney+. Disney posted a tweet about "moving day" and asked its subsidiaries which were ready to go. Responses came from Pixar, National Geographic, Marvel, Star Wars and The Simpsons. These properties are celebrating the launch of the Disney+ Twitter account.

Disney has already said Disney+ will launch with a great deal of content, which will include over 300 movies and 7,000 episodes of TV shows. The company plans on increasing that to over 400 films and even more TV episodes by the end of 2020. Although Disney+ launches in the U.S. in 2019, it will eventually roll out to Europe, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America by the end of 2020. However, Disney+ plans to go entirely global by 2021. The company also announced it would offer a bundle to subscribers that includes all three of its subscription services, Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ at a discounted price.

Although there are a variety of other companies jumping into the streaming subscription service race, Disney+ is the best-positioned to take on Netflix, the current king of streaming. However, consumers are already becoming burned out on the number of services available; a recent study showed nearly half of consumers surveyed feel there are already too many streaming subscription services available. But it seems Disney+ will offer enough to get people to sign up. Disney's subsidiaries will provide a lot of that content, so consumers will undoubtedly feel this additional content will add to the value of the Disney+ service.

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Source: Disney/Twitter

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