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A dedicated page for Disney+ allows the public to search its entire content catalog. In less than a month, Disney will officially join the streaming business with the launch of their own platform. Boasting content from Pixar, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Fox and their in-house projects, including their beloved classics, fans are understandably excited for its arrival.

In preparation for Disney+'s roll out next month, the House of Mouse has released a couple of marketing materials teasing potential subscribers of the content they can enjoy upon its launch. The list is so extensive, one video would take 3 hours for people to watch just to get through all their available movies and TV shows which is quite excessive. Fortunately, they now have a separate page for the platform that allows fans to look through their library in a more convenient fashion.

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Disney unveiled a new section at their D23 site which gives fans the opportunity to sift through all of the platform's content. "All the best stories in the world are headed to Disney+ starting November 12," it teases. Below it are rows and columns of all the entertainment people can immediately access when the service goes in a few weeks. They're sectioned by title, year released, type, class and brand, which makes for an easier way to navigate the extensive catalog.

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This newly rolled-out page can be beneficial for both Disney and potential Disney+ subscribers. As cool as seeing a long montage of upcoming content to the platform is, it wasn't the best way to market the service to those who're looking for specific movie or TV shows. And at this point, the House of Mouse should be selling Disney+ harder to the general-viewing audience. Their diehard fans are already locked in with their latest release, as are Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar's hardcore supporters. But to fully be sustainable, they have to broaden their reach and convince the majority of the market to sign up for their service.

From potential subscribers' perspective, a formatted list is much easier to navigate than a three-hour video. This way, those who are still on the fence on whether or not they're signing up for the service can do proper research and make a well-informed decision to sign up (or otherwise) in time for its debut. Granted that Disney+ is only $6.99 a month - cheaper than its competitors, but with a wide selection of video on demand services nowadays, the public wants to make sure that they're getting the best bang for their buck.

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