Disney+ Allows You To Request More Movies & Shows

Disney+ is allowing subscribers to request movies and shows that they want to see on the streaming service, along with suggesting new features.

Disney Plus Launch Date Content

Disney+ subscribers can now request shows and movies that they want to see on the platform. The streaming service made its grand debut earlier this week and has already surpassed 10 million subscribers. The success of Disney's new platform is largely due to its grandiose library that includes films and shows from the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, along with content from Pixar, Disney, and National Geographic. This monumental collection of content also gives Disney+ a boost amongst its competitors. With Apple having already launched its streaming service, Apple TV+, at the beginning of November and HBO planning to debut HBO Max next year, the streaming wars are now in full effect.

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Despite experiencing several login problems on its launch day, Disney+ proved to be a worthy purchase for many. Several new shows on the platform also received positive reviews, including the highly-anticipated new Star Wars series The Mandalorian which was available at launch. The company also still has a bundle of new content on the way, namely Marvel and Lucasfilm properties. And, now that the technical issues have smoothed themselves out following a thrilling launch, the platform is truly thriving, and Disney is ready to introduce some new features for its subscribers.

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A Tweet from a user named Joshua Gillespie (via CBR) pointed out that Disney+ subscribers can request different shows and movies for the platform by visiting the help section and clicking on the "Give Feedback" button. From there, users can also suggest new features and help bring attention to any technical issues that may be occurring on the service. Check out Gillespie's tweet here:

This easy-to-access feature is a nice sign that the Mouse House appears to be taking customer service seriously and truly cares about what their users want from their streaming service. Taking user suggestions for new content will be a great way to help shake up the platform and carry out their success. Considering that some movies and shows have expiration dates, they could very easily alternate with new user-requested titles. But, despite the expiration dates on some content, Disney CEO Bob Iger has addressed that any downloaded content will remain on users' devices regardless.

Although requests are never guaranteed, it's nice to know that Disney is open to suggestions. It helps to create a very user-friendly atmosphere and also helps give them a leg up amongst their competition. Considering the amount of content that's also currently available on a variety of streaming platforms, Disney has found a way to involve their users in building their library, making for a more personable experience. Not only that, but it gives users the chance to request some of their favorite shows and movies that they probably haven't seen anywhere else. Considering a large amount of Disney's success was due to its library filled with nostalgic classics and monumentally popular franchises, a feature like this only contributes to their success. As far as the streaming wars go heading into the new year, Disney+ appears to have very steady footing moving forward.

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Source: CBR/Joshua Gillespie


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