Disney+ Costs $6.99 Per Month, $69.99 For Annual Subscription

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Disney has unveiled the pricing for their subscription plans for Disney+. Over the last year or so, Disney has been gearing up for the launch of a streaming service of their own. The success of Netflix, Hulu, and more has brought about a true streaming war in Hollywood. Disney is far from the only studio looking to get in on a lucrative business, with Apple, Universal, Warner Bros., and more all developing services of their own.

For Disney's part, they've envisioned the strength of their multiple high profile brands as the major selling point for Disney+. The service will have old, new, and original content from Pixar, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Star Wars, and this is just the beginning. The recently closed deal to acquire 21st Century Fox will only bolster the library of content that they can offer. But, with so much premium and sought after content at their disposal, the price tag for Disney+ has been a major lingering question.

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Disney revealed the various subscription models and pricing for Disney+ at the Disney Investor Day. It was here they confirmed that the monthly subscription price will be $6.99 to get access to the service. Additionally, those who know they'll be longtime subscribers can do so on a yearly basis for $69.99 - which comes out to roughly $5.83 a month for a yearly saving of almost $14.

This price point for Disney+ is an incredible bargain for fans of their content, and will very likely help increase the willingness of potential customers to subscribe. From very early on in this process, Disney CEO Bob Iger has mentioned that the price for Disney+ will be significantly cheaper than Netflix, and this move proves that he was telling the truth. Netflix's lowest tier will soon be $8.99, but it only allows for one device and no HD streaming. Meanwhile, the increased prices for Netflix make tier two cost $12.99 and $15.99 for the premium plan. Not only is Disney+ going to be cheaper than Netflix, but it also will come in below Amazon Prime ($9 a month for video only), HBO Now ($15 a month), and ad-free plans for CBS All Access ($10 a month) and Hulu ($12 a month).

While many of these services are creating original content out of nothing, Disney+ will be relying heavily on properties audiences have already shown interest in. Disney's vault of content will help bring a live-action Lady and the Tramp movie, multiple Star Wars and MCU shows, and much more to the service. Plus, there have been several reports recently about their plans to incorporate Fox titles and breathe new life into them - such as with a Love, Simon sequel and The Sandlot prequel shows. With no ads, a cheap price, major IP, and a nearing release dateDisney+ is shaping up to make a big splash in the streaming space.

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Source: Disney Investor Day

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