How Disney+ Password Sharing Works (& How Many People Can Use It)

Here's everything there is to know about Disney+ password sharing, including the user guide rules, profiles allowed per account, and more.

Disney Plus Passwords

With the launch of Disney+, many users and potential subscribers might be curious regarding the new service's rules regarding password sharing. Disney's streamer is the latest to go public, joining Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV+. Disney+ officially launched on November 12 and the company is revealing that over 10 million people signed up for the service in the first 24 hours. Not only are there hundreds of titles between movies and TV at launch, but there is quite a bit of new content as well.

Fans are driven by the release of The Mandalorian, a new tale centered in the Star Wars universe as well as releases of live-action movies like Lady and the Tramp and Noelle. To account for all of this, the price for Disney+ is $6.99 a month - a cheaper option than most other streaming services, though. As for the user guidelines, Disney+ is allowing up to four concurrent streams at any time. Compare that to other services' rules, and users would have to pay for Netflix's Premium plan ($15.99) to allow that amount of same-time users.

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It's not uncommon for people to share their passwords because of this. Family members or friends often split costs to equally take advantage of what the services have to offer. Some services work hard to control password sharing but Disney+ understands that it will happen whether they want it to or not. So Disney+ is (sort of) allowing password sharing at the moment. People can simply give their friends and family their Disney+ passwords and they won't be penalized for streaming on different devices, networks, and so forth - for now, that is.

How Many Users Profiles Can Be Created Per Each Disney+ Account

At the moment, Disney+ will allow up to seven user profiles per account. For reference, Netflix only allows five users per account. This means that seven different people can create a profile that saves their personal watchlist and viewing history. That said, Disney is well aware that password sharing will inevitably happen. The president of Disney Streaming Services, Michael Paull, has commented on password sharing (via The Verge) but there are no immediate plans to widely restrict usage.

There is, however, backend technology to monitor user behavior as confirmed by Disney CEO Bob Iger. They claim to have tools in place that can determine if sharing passwords serves as a detriment to Disney+'s growth potential. It's likely that Disney+ will be able to track if accounts are streaming on a large number of devices which is a clear sign that excessive Disney+ password sharing is occurring. Paull added that he has confidence that users will understand the value of Disney+ causing them to "act accordingly". Whether that belief stays within the organization will remain to be seen.

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