When Disney+ Releases New Episodes (& At What Time)

Unlike Netflix, Disney+ will air new episodes on a weekly basis. Here's what time they should be expected to release every week.

Disney Plus Mandalorian High School Musical

Here's when new episodes release on Disney+, and what time to expect them to drop. Unlike Netflix, which releases entire seasons at once, Disney's new streaming platforms follow a more traditional model when it comes to its original content. Episodes of its new shows will become available on Disney+ once a week.

The House of Mouse has now officially joined the streaming wars with the launch of Disney+, a service which will be packed with content from its in-house properties, Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel Studios, and 20th Century Fox. Right away, over 800 programs are available for streaming, including 300 movies and 7,000 television episodes. The service can be accessed across multiple devices. Disney+ can be purchased as part of a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+, or received for free as part of a Verizon Wireless package. By itself, Disney+ costs $6.99 a month or $69.99 for an entire year.

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Aside from the launch day content, which was all made available at once with the rest of the service and includes the first episode of highly-anticipated original series The Mandalorian, most new episodes of Disney+'s original shows will be released weekly on a Friday. That means shows like The Mandalorian will have two episodes this week, but then will mostly follow a regular weekly pattern from this Friday onwards. What's more, Disney has also revealed that exact time these episodes will be made available: from 15 November, most new episodes will be released Fridays at 12:01 am PST / 03:01 am EST. 

Aside from The Mandalorian, most of the highly-anticipated programs from Disney+ are shows associated with Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but none of these are expected until late 2020 with Marvel's The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. That being said, while the bulk of the initial focus is understandably on The Mandalorian, it isn't alone among the launch day's original content lineup. Disney+ does have a few more new shows available for streaming on its first day. These include High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, Encore!, Marvel's New Hero Project, The Imagineering Story, and Pixar in Real Life.

As with The Mandalorian, it's expected that most new episodes of these original series will be made available weekly on Fridays after the November 12 launch, so subscribers will have a regular date and time slot to watch their favorite Disney+ original programming, rather than needing (or being able) to binge all episodes in one sitting, unless you decide to wait, of course.

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