It Took Disney+ 3 Hours To Announce All Movies & TV Shows

On Twitter, it took Disney+ three hours to announce every show available on the streaming subscription service when it launches next month. Disney previously announced that it would launch with over 300 movies and 7,000 episodes of television programming. Not only does this content include Disney's vast back catalog of film and TV, it also includes properties acquired when Disney bought out Fox.

Disney plans on having over 400 movies on the service by the end of 2020. Also, the service will release a slew of new programming. Some of that new content includes several series based in the Star Wars universe, including the highly anticipated The Mandalorian. Other new shows will take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including a series dedicated to Thor's brother, Loki. Disney+ will also include existing and original content from National Geographic, as well as other exclusive series, including docuseries The World According to Jeff Goldblum.

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Today, the official Disney+ Twitter account began tweeting about the content that Disney+ will have at launch. With each movie and series getting a separate tweet, it took Disney+ three hours of solid tweeting to cover everything subscribers will get on Nov. 12. This includes a lot of fan-favorite animated shows, including Duck Tales, Gargoyles and Darkwing Duck, as well as some of the companies' classic movies, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Disney+ even highlights some of its more obscure films, such as 2018's Zombies and 2016's Lab Rats, Elite Force. The list also included a lot of Star Wars and Marvel, as well as The Simpsons, a previous Fox property.

However, two Fox shows are missing from the Disney+ list: Family Guy and American Dad. That shouldn't come as a surprise to Disney fans, though, as the company has made it known that it intends on keeping Disney+ content family-friendly with movies and shows rated PG-13 and under.

But there is still plenty of programming for Disney+ subscribers to choose from, and when it comes to new subscription services, Disney+ will have a lot to offer right at the start. It is quickly becoming apparent that Disney+ will give Netflix a run for its money. Many Disney fans have already subscribed to the service in advance, and many others will sign up as soon as it becomes available. Although consumers are already beginning to feel burned out on how many streaming services are now available, Disney+ will likely be the one new service people will happily throw their money at.

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