Every Marvel Show Appearing On Disney Plus

Disney continues to rule the entertainment industry. This year, it will get even bigger. The purchase of 21st Century Fox is a huge contributing factor, but so is Disney's new end-of-year plan. Disney Plus will be the company's attempt at entering the world of streaming services. It's a world currently lead by Netflix, but Disney will be the first serious contender to take the throne of streaming service king. Much of that has to do with their huge amount of content. Every single Disney animated, original live-action, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel movie will be there.

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If that wasn't enough, they will be developing new, original content, exclusive to Disney Plus, including new Marvel TV series. According to Kevin Feige, these new Marvel shows will be directly connected to the larger MCU, as opposed to the occasional references to movies we've seen in previous shows. The biggest evidence towards this is the fact that, until now, Marvel's TV series had all been produced by the Marvel Television division. These future shows, however, will be directly overseen by Marvel Studios. Let's take a look at what Marvel and Disney have to offer.

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8 Loki

As of writing, Loki is the only Disney Plus show that has been officially confirmed by Marvel. Not much is known about it, though, except that Tom Hiddleston will be back as the God of Mischief. Sources have claimed that the series will take place in the past, which makes sense, as has been alive live for thousands of years. THR has reported something more specific.

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They've stated that "the show will follow Loki as the trickster and shape-shifter pops up throughout human history as an unlikely influencer on historical events." This is very interesting, as it would allow the audience to witness more than just the brief glimpses of magic that Loki has performed in the MCU.

7 The Vision and Scarlet Witch

This is a show that is all but confirmed to happen. With a Captain Marvel writer already attached to the series, all it needs is for Marvel to publicly announce the project. After initial reports that Elizabeth Olsen was reprising her role as Wanda Maximoff in a new TV show, Paul Bettany also became attached to the project to play Vision once again.

This show actually gets its title from two Marvel Comics series from the 1980s'. Before that, the two characters had already established what is now one of the longest-lasting relationships in Marvel's comic history. After both their deaths in Infinity War, it will be interesting to see if the series will be set after some kind of post-Endgame resurrection, or in the past.

6 Falcon and the Winter Soldier

This is the other show, along with The Vision and Scarlet Witch, that has been unofficially confirmed. This one does not have a title yet, though. Marvel and its cast have given us plenty of evidence to believe that all the deceased in Infinity War will be back after Endgame. This is just another addition to the list.

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These characters have had very little contact between each other in the MCU up until now, and that has been pretty much shown in the movies, so this would have to take place in the future. Recent reports have claimed that it will be a sort of spy thriller, involving S.H.I.E.L.D, with the return of important characters such as Sharon Carter and (possibly) Nick Fury.

5 Rocket Racoon and Groot

This is starting to feel like Noah's Ark, with the characters arriving two by two (*crickets chirp*). It's important to note that everything beyond the previous three "confirmed" shows is only rumors. In this case, it was That Hashtag Show who reported Kevin Feige had pitched this idea. Honestly, it seems like an obvious show to make.

Both characters are beloved by all, we know very little about their backstory, and we have no idea how they met. In addition to this, the series could help keep the Guardians in our minds, what with GotG 3's problematic delay.

4 Lady Sif

A very unusual rumor is one involving Thor's warrior friend, Lady Sif. Discussing film reported early this year that the series was in development, with Jamie Alexander reprising her role. It had seemed like Marvel had given up on her character, after her unexplained disappearance in Thor: Ragnarok.

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More intriguing is the fact that this might also bring back the Warriors Three, who were infamously killed in Ragnarok, with no mention by Thor, even though they had been life-long friends. Like Loki, the show would probably take place sometime in her thousands-year-old life, especially since the Russos confirmed her off-screen death in Infinity War.

3 Gamora and Nebula

Gamora and Nebula of Guardians of the Galaxy

We Got This Covered spread the rumor that a series lead by Thanos' daughters would make its way to Disney's streaming service. Like the Rocket and Groot show, this would allow fans to follow a new Guardians story in the long lead up to Vol. 3. The report has no information on when it will take place, or whether Saldana and Gillan will be back as Gamora and Nebula, respectively.

Logically, it would be another "stories of the past"-like series, in a time when they were still loyal to Thanos. It could finally show us the much talked about battles that Gamora would always win, which would result in the Mad Titan punishing Nebula's loss by replacing her body with cybernetic parts.

2 Hawkeye

MCU Cosmic's Jeremy Conrad first reported Marvel's development of a Hawkeye solo project, back in June 2018. He later released an update stating that the solo project would probably turn into another Disney Plus TV series, as opposed to a movie. It's also been rumored that it will show Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye training a new young archer, who many assume to be fan-favorite comic book character, Kate Bishop.

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With a probable Black Widow movie release in the coming years, Hawkeye is the only core Avenger who has only made appearances as a member of a team. This year could finally see the underrated archer star in his own story. As for when it takes place, there's no information confirming if it's during Clint Barton's past at S.H.I.E.L.D or some unknown future.

1 Marvel Netflix?

Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones season 2

The last few months provided a huge shock for audiences as Netflix unexpectedly decided to cancel every single one of their Marvel TV series. Except for a few bumps along the road (Iron Fist, The Defenders), the past 6 years of these shows have generally been a tremendous success. It has since been known that the cancellation was decided exclusively by Netflix, meaning there is no indication that Marvel is done with these characters.

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While a contract prevents the Marvel Netflix characters from being featured on other networks for two years, as soon as 2020 rolls in, Disney may bring back the fan-favorite heroes to continue their stories. Many have said that is an unlikely event, as the Netflix shows are not the kind of family-friendly content that Disney is looking for. But rebooting the characters is a very viable option. Who knows, they may even skip Disney Plus entirely and instead reappear in a future MCU movie.

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