Marvel's Loki Gains Sophia Di Martino As Tom Hiddleston's Co-Star

The upcoming Disney+ Loki series starring Tom Hiddleston has cast Yesterday actress Sophia Di Martino in an undisclosed supporting role.

Marvel's Disney+ show Loki has reportedly added actress Sophia Di Martino to the cast. It was officially announced earlier this year several fan-favorite characters within the MCU, along with some brand new ones, would headline their own shows for Disney's streaming service. The first series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldieris currently in production. While a lot of details regarding the shows are still scarce, this has been a big week for news about them thanks to the special Expanding the Universe, which was included in Disney+'s launch day content.

Set to be released in spring 2021Loki will see the big return of Tom Hiddleston's titular trickster god who met his untimely end in Avengers: Infinity WarThanks to the Avengers and their Time Heist mission in Avengers: Endgamehowever, a different version of Loki was able to escape with the Tesseract to places unknown. The upcoming Disney+ series will follow that Loki as he travels through time and, undoubtedly, causes more mischief.

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There has previously not been any additional casting announcements besides Hiddleston, until now. Variety reports Di Martino, whose most recent credit was last summer's music comedy Yesterdayhas been cast in a supporting role. Who exactly she will be playing isn't known yet, and Marvel did not comment on the news. Production is expected to begin in early 2020, and it's likely more information will come out around then.

Sophia Di Martino

The show has been confirmed to contain some sort of time travel aspect, something which has been speculated ever since initial concept art for the show featured Loki in the 1970s. Producer Stephen Broussard also said the show will have "a man on the run quality to it." Rick and Morty's Michael Waldron will serve as showrunner, and Kate Herron (Sex Education) will direct all six episodes. It was also recently revealed that Loki will tie into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Loki is arguably one of the most anticipated Disney+ shows due to the God of Mischief's popularity as a character. Fans were heartbroken when he was killed by Thanos, and it will be a relief to have him back in the MCU. Loki has always been a supporting character, so with this show pushing him into the spotlight, fans will hopefully get to see new sides of him. Based on Broussard's comments, perhaps Di Martino will play someone Loki meets while on the run from the Avengers, or whoever else is chasing him because of some recent attempt at invading Earth. Or maybe he already knows her, and he's turning to her for help. Either way, it will be fun to see Hiddleston play off a brand new character. Based on what has already been revealed, Loki is shaping up to be a truly exciting series.

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Source: Variety

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