• Disney's purchase of Fox was solely to benefit the Disney+ streaming service. 1 / 7

  • Disney+ will launch in November 2019 and includes a lot of content to watch. 2 / 7

    Disney Plus Vertical
  • It will include movies and shows from Disney's subsidiaries like Lucasfilm and Marvel. 3 / 7

    Mandalorian silhouette Pedro Pascal TLDR vertical
  • But it's further bolstered by the inclusion of Fox assets, like The Simpsons. 4 / 7

    The Simpsons cover vertical TLDR
  • In an interview, Bob Iger stated Disney+ is what encouraged him to buy Fox. 5 / 7

    Disney Plus Logo Vertical TLDR
  • At launch, the service will be able to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. 6 / 7

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