Disney+ Movies & Shows May Have Expiration Dates

Early Disney+ subscribers have already discovered that many classic movies and TV shows have expiration dates attached to them.

Sharp-eyed early adopters have discovered that some Disney+ movies and TV shows have expiration dates. The new streaming service officially launched this week with more than 10 million people already subscribed to the service. With the release of Apple TV+ as well as the anticipation attached to the upcoming HBO Max, the streaming market is getting more crowded. Disney+ has a serious advantage over its competitors, and Disney fans around the world simply could not wait to get their hands on all of those classic films and new exclusive shows with the press of a button.

Unfortunately, something those fans hadn't anticipated was all of the snags subscribers faced on launch day. Earlier this week, some Disney+ customers took to social media to complain about several errors they experienced when they tried to log into the streaming service or search for specific shows or movies. Some reported error messages on their screens or and connectivity issues while others reported not being able to properly view the new live-action Lady and the Tramp or The Mandalorian.

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Now, Games Radar+ has reported that many users have already discovered that several movies and shows have expiration dates attached to the titles. Some are way off in the future — with Aladdin expiring in the year 3001, while others are coming up rather quickly — with  The Princess and the Frog having an expiration date of November 25. Previously, Disney CEO Bob Iger has spoken about how content on the streaming service will expire, although "downloads will stay on users' services" afterward. That information was later labeled as "misconstrued" by Disney representatives, as once a title has expired from the streaming service, users' downloads will no longer be available.

Games Radar+ also notes that many of these expiration dates may very well be placeholders, meaning that Disney+ programmers had to put something in the expiration date category even if that information wasn't yet available. As a result, it's probably too early to know for sure when movies like Aladin will "expire" from the streaming platform. In addition, as Disney negotiates on streaming rights with other entertainment companies, these dates could be subject to change. With all of the excitement around the release, Disney+ tweeted about how the "demand for #DisneyPlus had exceeded their expectations," and it seems as though the early numbers speak for themselves. Even the technical difficulties users faced earlier in the week can't stop the buzz for the newest streaming platform. For now, users will have to wait and see if these expiration dates will prove true or if they have a bit more time with some of their Disney favorites.

Disney+ is now currently available in the U.S., Canada, and the Netherlands. Soon, customers in other Western European countries will be able to sign up as well, which means Disney+ is well placed for global streaming domination.

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Source: Games Radar+

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