Disney+ Reportedly Adding A Continue Watching Feature Soon

While the Disney+ launch wasn't flawless, Disney is working to improve the interface, which includes adding a continue watching feature.

Disney Plus

While the Disney+ launch wasn't flawless, Disney is working to improve the interface, which includes adding a continue watching feature. The new streaming service had its much anticipated launch just a week ago, but the launch wasn’t perfect as users ran into challenges such as buffering and connection issues. Subscribers have also acknowledged one omission, in the fact that Disney+ doesn't offer a "Continue Watching" feature.

With the breadth of content that Disney+ launched with, the expectation was that it would be easy to pick up right where you left off. Whether stopping halfway through Lady and the Tramp, or having another episode of The World According to Jeff Goldblum lined up, it's easy to think you'd be able to resume from that point. It's a feature that's commonplace within other household streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and the recently launched Apple TV+. Unfortunately, Disney+ currently lacks any sort of resume feature, outside of adding to your Watch List within the app.

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Within the first week of launch, the lack of this feature has been one of the louder complaints from subscribers about the service. According to, however, Disney are currently working to add a “Continue Watching” feature to the streaming service. There isn't a set date for the feature to debut, but Disney+ hopes to roll it out in the very near future. With some of the streaming quality bugs users have experienced, the "Continue Watching" addition may not be as high on the priority list, though there is comfort in knowing the request is most certainly on Disney's radar.

Even though there isn't a native resume function within the Disney+ apps, users of Apple products have a benefit when using Disney+ in conjunction with the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app can pair with authorized sources, like HBO, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, to share your viewing history. What you watch across those different services will aggregate within the Apple TV app, under Up Next in the Watch Now tab. Up Next will populate the next episode of a series as it's available, or offer to resume where you left off for unfinished shows or movies, and this includes the content from Disney+.

Despite the hiccups, the launch of Disney+ was still an overall success. Knowing Disney are motivated to work out kinks, and continue to add new features, is surely promising to its already 10 million-plus subscribers. As they smooth out the bugs, continue sharing exclusive content and keep the momentum upon building the ever-growing list of anticipated originals, fans of the entertainment giant will surely be optimistic with the future of Disney+.

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