Disney Wants Its Films On Every Device Known To Man

Disney is looking to give consumers the ability to watch their films on any device of their choosing with their new digital distribution system, code-named Keychest. This new service will use the now popular technology of "cloud-computing" to allow you pay one price for the capability to watch your favorite Disney film (unless it's in the vault - bummer) simultaneously on multiple devices.

"Dad has a Zune, Mom has an iPod, there's a Mac and a PC at home and a Roku box; right now, those devices don't talk to one another. We intend to blend those worlds."

Disney is looking to start showing their new system within the next two months with hopes of bringing it to the public next year.

From the looks of it, Disney is looking for it go two ways: One would have you purchase the "digital rights" to play the film on your devices and the second would be you buying a DVD or Blu-Ray that will have a special code in it so that you can unlock the film for your devices.

"Packaged goods will co-exist with digital platforms. That's what this is about."

While I'm all for freeing up my media, this is just another form of DRM (Digital Rights Management), and DRM doesn't really go that well in today's tech world. Also, the fact that they're using cloud-computing means that while we might have a DVD copy of the film (which I already do thanks to Disney's multiple "limited-edition" releases of all their films), we're not going to have an actual hard copy of the film downloaded to our favorite portable device because it's going to be streaming. The only way I could see this working is if there's no notable difference in the price of a DVD with the special codes.

If I can buy Pete's Dragon for the fifth time and watch it on my microwave, sign me up.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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