Disney's 'Planes': The Complete Character Guide

Disney's Planes - Dusty and Friends Movie Still

Disney's latest (Non-Pixar) offering Planes introduces over 15 brand new characters to their ever-growing universe. Unlike Pixar's talking transportation movie, Cars, Planes leaves the ground and takes to the sky to tell the story of a crop duster, Dusty, who dreams of competing in a famous world aerial race. However, he'll need the help of his friends - especially his mentor Skipper - to even stand a chance.

Disney is hands down the greatest merchandise generating company in the world. Whether it be animated, CGI or live-action, with every new movie they produce they literally flood the market with toys, bed sheets, clothing, tooth brushes and various other items that every child MUST own representing all the new characters from that movie.

We've compiled images, descriptions and the actor supplying the voice for each of the new characters from Planes - so you'll be fully prepared to known which toy you’ll need to purchase after watching the movie.

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