10 Disney Movie Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing

When Walt Disney first decided that animated movies would not only be successful, but make possible action and adventures filmmakers could only dream of, he changed the future of cinema forever. Hand-drawn animation eventually gave way to characters and stories drawn and painted in computers, with the fantasy and effects getting even more ambitious. But no matter how many artists or writers may shape an animated film, some mistakes, errors, and unresolved questions always seem to make it through inspection.

Here is our list of 10 Disney Movie Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing.

Finding Nemo

Disney Movie Mistakes Finding Nemo Water Bags

Pixar played fast and loose with actual marine biology in Finding Nemo, their story of a lost clownfish and his father trying to track him down, but messing with the laws of physics is a step too far. When Nemo's fish tank friends make their escape into Sydney Harbour, they're still contained in their plastic bags. A closer look should have viewers realizing that that bags of salt water wouldn't float above the Ocean's surface in perfect spheres - they should sink to match the same level, or much closer to it than the movie shows.

Toy Story

Pixar Movie Mistakes Toy Story Baby Monitor

Pixar's first feature film started with a bang, revealing a young boy's toys to not just be alive, but capable of forming complicated strategies in order to find out when a new toy would be joining their ranks. The first Toy Story opened with Sarge and his army men scouting Andy's birthday party, reporting in to Woody and the other toys about his new gifts. Unfortunately, there was one major mix-up: the baby monitor the squad uses is the handheld half, which only acts as a speaker. The half of the monitor that includes an actual microphone is on Andy's bedside table – meaning the toys shouldn’t have been able to hear anything.


Pixar Movie Mistakes Wall-E

Apparently, leaving a robot in isolation for seven centuries can create one heck of a personality. In the distant future of Wall-E, humanity has taken to space, leaving behind millions of Wall-E units to gather and compact the trash which covers the planet, in preparation for the day that life - and humanity - returns. There's only one problem: Wall-E doesn't actually compact trash. Even when completely filling his body with garbage, Wall-E can only produce a cube as big as himself, not a crushed, smaller one. A "trash re-shaper" may still be useful for clean-up, but the effort made to cut around the process proves Pixar didn't want audiences looking too closely.

Beauty & The Beast

Disney Movie Mistakes Beauty Beast Painting Age

Even if the curse that turned Prince Adam into Disney's Beast is a bit harsh, audiences have it spelled out perfectly. After turning away an enchantress in need of shelter almost a decade before the film, the Prince was cursed, and turned into a Beast. If he can't find someone who loves him for who he is, not how he looks by the time he turns 21, he becomes the Beast forever. Since the passing of time means the Prince was 10 or 11 when cursed, the portrait he slashes through showing him as a grown man can't exist. It's one of Disney's most well known errors, but luckily, doesn't take away from Beauty and the Beast's charm.

Monsters, Inc.

Disney Pixar Movie Mistakes Monsters Inc Laugh

When the city of Monstropolis relies on children's screams for power, a little girl who finds monsters more funny than fearsome turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Monsters, Inc. stars Mike and Sully have a hard time keeping track of the girl named Boo, but realize her laughter isn’t just more powerful than screams, but strong enough to cause massive power outages. Since Boo has spent most of her time in the movie giggling, why don't ALL her laughs have that same effect? The filmmakers admitted the inconsistency, explaining that it posed too many challenges if they followed the rule from beginning to end, and were forced to ignore it.

A Bug's Life

Pixar Movie Mistakes Bugs Life Bird Shadow

In the world of A Bug's Life, a single bird is a terrifying monster. The movie's hero Flik decides to use that fact to his advantage, building a mechanical bird to scare off a threat to his anthill. The plan starts with an ingenious way of creating a blueprint: cut the bird out of a leaf, and lift it to the desired size. Unfortunately, that's not how shadows work. If the light source was a nearby lamp, then moving the leaf a few feet would matter. But even in a world where bugs can talk, the sun is still 93 million miles from Earth.


Disney Movie Mistakes Frozen Shadow Dancing

When a magical ice-sorceress is one of you story’s main characters, it's safe to expect some far-fetched twists. But one flaw in Disney's Frozen is too glaring for even fans to overlook. When Anna and Hans share their first song together, a lighthouse adds an even more romantic twist, lighting up the pair's silhouettes on the sail of a nearby ship. What's impossible to miss is the feet of their shadows somehow hovering in midair, instead of on top of the walkway they’re standing on. The dream-like dance fits the fantasy story, but including such an eye-catching error is an odd choice.

Wreck-It Ralph

Disney Movie Mistakes Wreck-it Ralph

Video game fans know that a good shooter can make hours fly by like minutes, but in Wreck-it Ralph, that idea was pushed a bit too far. When Ralph decides to jump games and suit up for the futuristic shooter "Hero's Duty", he gets thrown into combat as soon as the arcade opens for business. When he singlehandedly delivers a game over for the player, Ralph climbs the game’s tower to claim his own gold medal. Before the soldiers have time to reset for the next round, they're informed that "the arcade has closed”. It’s possible the movie is set in the shortest business day in history, but we think some flawed pacing is to blame.

The Incredibles

Pixar Movie Mistakes Incredibles Newspaper Date

Pixar’s tale of retired superheroes makes it clear that the events of The Incredibles are set in an alternate version of the 1960s, with the golden age of heroes having ended many years before. Mr. Incredible didn’t give up the job willingly, judging by the old newspaper clippings he keeps in his office, highlighting his past adventures – and apparently, one from the future. When Bob considers returning to his former career, one of the yellowed front pages shows a date of September 16, 2002 – a day roughly 40 years ahead of the movie’s timeline.


Disney Movie Mistakes Tarzan Darwin Kipling

There’s no point in calling out the impossible story beats of Tarzan, since talking animals, and a human who can move and fight like an ape are obviously fantasy. But it’s the English explorers who offer the biggest error in the movie. When Tarzan and his family are discovered by Jane and her father, they believe he is so important, that Queen Victoria, Charles Darwin, and even author Rudyard Kipling. It’s true that a leading mind on evolution and the author of “The Jungle Book” would want to meet Tarzan, but when Darwin died in 1882, Kipling was only a 17 year-old boy writing for newspapers in India, a decade away from publishing his famous book.


So what do you think of our list? Did we miss any of your favorite errors or mistakes in Disney films? Let us know in our comment section and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this one!

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