Wall-E is not only the story that taught viewers about the importance of taking care of the world, but it is definitely one of the most poignant. For the end of the world look in the film, creators of Wall-E found inspiration in multiple places. There are

lots of fun tidbits; Wall-E’s eyes were inspired by a pair of binoculars from an Oakland A’s game, for example. However, one of the biggest influences actually came from something much darker.

The Chernobyl event was a nuclear disaster that happened in 1986. The nuclear reactor was located near Pripyat, in what was then the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic within the Soviet Union. During a safety test, all of the safety systems were powered off, and a series of flaws in the plant's containment failed all at once. It was a horrible, catastrophic event that affected most of Eastern Europe. Creators used the area as inspiration for the world Wall-E tries to clean up within the movie.

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